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Connecting APIs to databases: the perfect pairing for powerful applications

Connecting APIs to databases can make your application powerful and flexible, but it is not always straightforward, especially when dealing with different types of databases. This blog post explores the process of connecting APIs to different types of databases such as SQL, NoSQL, In-Memory and Graph databases, highlighting their pros and cons.

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Resource representation: understanding JSON and XML

Discover JSON and XML resource representation in web development. Learn their advantages, differences, and impact on data interchange, API design, user experience, security, and collaboration.
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Optimizing REST API Performance with query parameters for data filtering

Learn how to implement filtering by query parameters in your REST API to improve user experience, performance, and scalability. This blog covers the basics of query parameters, different types of filters, best practices for designing and optimizing filters, and tips for handling errors. Whether you're building a new REST API or improving an existing one, filtering with query parameters can help your clients get the most out of your API.

The key ingredients of RESTful APIs: resources, representations, and statelessness

Discover the key concepts of RESTful API development - resources, representations, statelessness - and build scalable, reliable APIs for modern apps.

HTTP status codes 101: A guide implementing status codes in REST APIs

Learn how to implement and test HTTP status codes in REST APIs, including best practices for designing and choosing the right status codes.

Implementing RESTful endpoints: a step-by-step guide

This article emphasizes the importance of designing and implementing RESTful endpoints and encourages readers to implement them in their projects for API success.

Building a strong foundation: how to implement crud operations with APIs and databases

Learn how to implement CRUD operations using APIs and databases in web development, with a focus on RESTful and GraphQL APIs, SQL and NoSQL databases.
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Pagination 101: why it matters and how to do it right in your API

Discover the importance of pagination in API development & effective implementation. Improve app performance & user experience with pagination techniques.
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Understanding HTTP methods in REST API development

Learn about the different HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) and their usage in REST APIs. Understand their definitions, usage, limitations, and considerations for effective API design. Get a comprehensive guide for building robust and efficient APIs.

API design principles for optimal performance and scalability

Learn how to optimize the performance of your APIs with this comprehensive guide to the principles and best practices of API performance optimization. Discover tips for using efficient data structures, optimizing database queries, using caching effectively, minimizing network round trips, and monitoring performance regularly.
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