Wrangle all your data into a single access point


Integrate data from any source

A powerful data integration tool, Toro Cloud’s Martini platform brings data together from multiple sources to give your business the full picture. Using little to no code, extract, transform and load data from almost any data source to make better decisions, save time and harness the full power of your information.


Make more informed decisions

Can your business access all the data needed to make informed business decisions?

When information is siloed in separate systems it’s impossible to see how it all fits together, impacting your ability to make informed decisions. Our data integration platform takes data from any source and transforms it into a format suitable for your operational and analytical processes (without writing a single line of code), improving business decision-making.

Our data integration platform unlocks your data and gives you the information you need for business success.


Save valuable time

How much time is spent validating, transforming and processing data across your systems?

Data integration can be a time-consuming process of accessing, evaluating, enhancing and transferring data between different systems. Our data integration platform takes data from virtually any source and format, using little to no code. Spend more time adding value using a visual mapper to combine information from various data points and enrich as required. 

Our data integration platform allows you to spend more time adding value by automating your data management processes.


Discover untapped opportunities

Are you convinced that you are leaving money on the table but cannot identify where?

Utilise the vast amount of data currently locked away in data silos with our data integration platform. Retrieve, store and manage data, clean and mine data, and then analyse and visualise data, all with one powerful platform. By unlocking the full power of your information, uncover patterns that previously would have been impossible to find, creating more opportunities for your business.

Our platform enables you to easily integrate your data and allows you to identify business opportunities that you would otherwise have missed.


Integrate data from any source


Use built-in visual database editors to manage requests and posts to databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra.

File storage

Read & write data files to file storage systems including S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Flat files

Access native support for common file formats such as JSON, XML, YAML, CSV and Excel file formats to simplify the integration of data held in flat files.

Real-time or batch

Process data in real-time as a batch process, or as a continuous stream. Initiate data processing through a scheduler or various event-based triggers.


Integrate data from your cloud-based applications and data repositories. Read and write data to anything with a RESTful API such as SaaS apps, Google Sheets, Elastic Search, and BigQuery.

Cloud Analytics

Leverage cloud analytics platforms such as Amazon Redshift, with native support for Java SDKs, to seamlessly integrate and interrogate data held in the cloud.

Martini takes charge of data integration

Implement enterprise-grade data integration using little to no code with Martini. Easily extract, load, and transform data from any data source including databases, APIs, JSON, XML or flat files. Take input from any source and output it to any other without writing a single line of code. Martini whips your data into shape so you can make the most of it.


Create reuseable multi-step transformations with the data mapper

Easily traverse variations in source and destination data formats and structures with our visual data mapper. Combine and enrich information from various data points visually, using the mapper to drag and drop from your input data model to your output data model. Quickly define any required transformations or enrichments for effortless data integration.

Martini helps transform data to suit your operational and analytical processes, in a simple low-code platform that enables data integrators to focus more on data and less on code.


Integrate with a reliable model-driven architecture

Martini’s data model-driven architecture automatically creates data models from virtually any data source to ensure data consistency and integrity.  Integrate, federate and unify disparate data sources into a single consolidated view.

Martini’s data integration platform brings your data together, ensuring data consistency and integrity.


Huge library of pre built data connectors

With support for virtually any database and API, you can be sure that your data integration project will be covered by Martini.


Ingest data when you want it, how you want it

With Martini you can trigger a data integration or transformation from multiple transports and protocols, giving you full control over your data. Triggers can include a time schedule, an event received from a Kafka or JMS message broker, incoming email messages, file changes in local or remote file systems, and more.

Martini helps you take full control of your data, whatever the file type and whatever the input or output source.

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What our clients are saying


Martini is one of the best tools for the integration of data from various services in a single platform.


Best Microservice Driven Product For Data Integration Across Many Source Of Data

Jaye Kenneth

It solved our data management problems for JSON, XML, YAML, CSV, SQL files


We really like their visual data mapper which saves a lot of development time compared to the other integration platforms


Drag and drop data mapper - One of the best that I have seen as it helps to visualize data mapping.


This is the best tool for writing REST/SOAP integrations and services with a DB connection.


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