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Solutions: Data Integration

Simplify the task of validating, transforming, enhancing and processing of data. Easily extract, load, and transform data from any data source including databases, APIs, JSON, XML, or flat files.

Data integration from any data source with Martini

Data mapper

Transform the data into a format suitable for your operational and analytical processes to meet system’s needs, or to add value to the data you receive.


Visual SQL editor to manage requests/posts to databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

Flat files

Flat file editor for managing data from common text file formats.

Data models

Create input/output models of your data to ensure data consistency and integrity.

Input/output formats

Take an input from any source and output it to any other without writing a single line of code.

Any source

Read data from emails, files written to a location on a disk or FTP server, or even in a chat message.

Using Martini for data integration

Visualise and transform data with the data mapper

Visual data mapper allows the user to traverse the differences in the schemas of data source and destination and combine information from different data points easily. With the mapper you can drag n drop from your input data model to your output data model and define any transformations or enhancements required.

SQL editor

Visually build your SQL queries and automatically generate the services required to execute the SQL statements from your integration services.

Unleash your data

Utilize the vast amount of data currently locked away in data silos by going through the process of retrieving, storing and managing the data, cleaning and mining the data, and then analyzing and visualizing the data with Martini in order to make business decisions.

Data from any source

Data can be locked away in many formats and repositories other than relational databases. With Martini you can access and process data from any endpoint including SOAP and RESTful APIs, email, ftp, http, JMS and files written to disk.

Data integration is simply easier with Martini's visual data editing for the desktop or online.

David Brown
Founder & CEO, TORO Cloud


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