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No, robots will not take your job: Why we shouldn’t be afraid of RPA

Shelly Kramer dispels our fears that RPA will make people redundant and why embracing a culture of automation is crucial in today’s business setting.

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Ex-Amazon IT manager shares how they migrated from a monolith to SOA

Lee Atchison talks about his time at Amazon, their migration from a monolith architecture to SOA and the lessons they’ve learned.
Catch up with digital transformation

You should catch up with digital transformation — here’s how and why

Isaac Sacolick shares how to navigate a successful digital transformation in today’s business setting and the things that could set them up for failure as well.
Digital Transformation
Taking charge of your digital identity

Are you really in charge of your digital identity?

Discussions around digital identity could become complicated, simply because your digital identity could be shaped in various ways.
Exploring the

Exploring the "edge" of the internet

The industry is currently witnessing the rise of edge computing, where local devices that capture and store data are becoming more and more ubiquitous.
Why is API management so important?

Why is API management so important?

Organisations now see the value of APIs and have become a critical element in their business strategies as they move forward on their digital transformation efforts.
API Management
5 reasons why you should move to a Data Mesh

5 reasons why you should move to a Data Mesh

As the industry’s ambitions on analytical data processing matures, more and more machine learning models emerge.
Big Data
Adopting microservices? Avoid these like the plague

Adopting microservices? Avoid these like the plague

Experts have said it over and over - you can’t be too careful when it comes to Microservices adoption.
Building line of business applications

Building line of business applications

Creating custom LOB applications is becoming more accessible with the rise of low-code application development.
Low-code application development

What is low-code and why should you pay attention?

With the promise of lower risk and a higher return on investment, low-code application development (LCAD) reduces the barrier to software development.
Software Developement
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