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Take charge of your business with Martini. Our low-code API centric platform is the answer to all your integration, workflow automation, and API management requirements. With a single platform, integrate your applications, automate your business processes, and achieve next-level agility through APIs.

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Low code convenience with full code satisfaction

Enjoy the best of both worlds with Martini. Get the grunt work done with little to no code safe in the knowledge you can create custom code if you need to.

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Integration, automation, create & publish APIs

There’s no need to access multiple systems to get the job done. Martini does it all. Integrate systems, automate workflows and manage your APIs from a single platform.

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Fully integrated platform that runs anywhere

Build solutions in the cloud or on your desktop. Then deploy your integrations, workflows, and APIs to Toro Cloud, any public cloud provider, or on-premise.

The Platform

Manage APIs, automate workflows, and integrate all your systems in a single platform.


Enable digital transformation through APIs

Is your business undergoing a digital transformation?

APIs hold the key to digital transformation, giving your organisation the opportunity to streamline, automate and transform business processes whilst also enabling the creation of new digital products and services. Martini takes care of the full lifecycle of API management including API first design, implementing API services, deployment, authentication, and discoverability.

Martini’s low-code API management platform helps your development team save valuable time, sees your business get APIs out to market sooner and facilitates your organisation’s digital transformation.


Eliminate manual processes with robotic process automation

Would eliminating manual processes change the way you do business?

Automation is your key to eliminating manual, low-value and repetitive processes and re-focusing your efforts on higher-value functions. Martini’s robotic process automation streamlines complex business processes and automates manual processes, freeing up your staff for higher-value work, eliminating human error and delivering greater efficiency.

Martini’s robotic process automation capability eliminates manual processes and frees your staff to focus on what really matters.


Unify your organisation’s data

Are you struggling to effectively utilise data held across multiple business systems?

Data can be locked away in many formats and repositories other than relational databases. Martini brings data together from multiple sources to give your business the full picture. Using little to no code, extract, transform and load from almost any data source to make better decisions, save time and harness the full power of your information.

Martini’s data integration capability helps your organisation effectively manage and harness all your information.

Integrate any application















Want low-code enterprise-grade application integration without limits?
Don’t be bound by the number of connectors offered by your integration platform. Buck the trend of cookie-cutter templated integrations with a platform that provides completely customisable integrations for virtually any application. With Martini, you can integrate virtually any application to your business requirements. Integrate any application with the business logic and data enrichment that your organisation requires NOT the way your integration platform imposes.
Implement enterprise-grade data integration using little to no code with Martini.


Take charge with Martini

Martini cuts the bull and streamlines API management, application integration, and workflow automation across your organisation. Design, mock, and test an API without writing a single line of code. Integrate any application directly with machine-generated integration services. Manage data sources using a visual mapper. Automate workflows using an intuitive flow diagram. Martini does it all.


Create and deploy APIs with ease

Adopt an API first approach with Martini. Collaborate with stakeholders using a visual API designer that enables you to design and mock your API without writing a single line of code. Martini creates standards-compliant APIs with native OpenAPI 3.0 support to improve API discoverability and management. Martini’s cloud-agnostic solution also makes it easy to deploy your APIs wherever you want. Deploy as a managed service on Toro Cloud, to a public cloud provider such as AWS, Google or Azure, or, to an API Gateway of your choice. 

Martini makes creating and deploying APIs a breeze, whatever your infrastructure of choice.


Fully customisable low-code application integration

Martini gives you the freedom to integrate applications how YOU want to. Our low-code integration services are fully customisable, providing infinite flexibility to achieve your business outcomes. Implement powerful integration logic, weaving together applications, databases, data files and more, without writing a single line of code. With support for custom logic in the programming language of your choice, you can always achieve any outcome you require with Martini.

Martini offers fully customisable low-code integration services to support business agility.


Automate event-based workflows

Martini allows you to break down a business process into a logical event-based workflow visually, using an intuitive flow diagram. Draw steps for each stage in a business process and then map each step to an action or decision tree (based on the data received or on human interaction, such as an approval process). Each step in a business process can seamlessly map to an integration service, providing unlimited potential to execute business processes that incorporate applications, databases, and even other workflows.

Martini enables you to automate business processes through event-based workflows.


Work in the cloud or desktop, deploy anywhere

Martini enables you to build and deploy solutions anywhere. Build solutions in the cloud using nothing but a web browser or locally, using a powerful desktop-based development environment available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Deploy your integrations, APIs, and workflows on Toro Cloud, to any on-premise server, or to any public cloud provider including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Martini lets you take charge of your data, either in the cloud or on the desktop.

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