Create business applications at speed

Quickly create dashboards, reports, and line of business applications by leveraging the APIs already available in your organisation. Build applications with Bellini’s drag and drop component-based application designer that allows you to create API centric applications with ease.

Build business applications faster than ever before Icon
Build business applications faster than ever before

Rapidly build applications from a library of reusable components including charts, data grids, and forms, and boost business responsiveness. Need more? Design your own components using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to drive innovation and consistency between your organisation’s applications.

Unleash data from APIs and databases Icon
Unleash data from APIs and databases

Bind the APIs that you already have available from your cloud-based applications and in-house systems to Bellini’s UI components to unleash data into dashboards, reports, and interactive line of business applications.

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Deploy your application anywhere

Deploy your application with just a few clicks to Toro Cloud, or to your own web server, or any public cloud provider including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. No special hosting environment required.

The Platform

Easily create applications and dashboards that connect to any API


Visualise data in reporting dashboards

Is your data locked in separate systems and difficult for your team to access?

Bellini’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to build custom dashboards to give your team the data they need. Read data from multiple APIs and databases, bring the data into a user interface that your team understands and then give them a single user experience to post data back to all the systems that require it, improving intelligence across your organisation.

Bellini makes it easy to bring all your information together to enhance business intelligence for your team.


Create a unified user experience across data sources

Are you struggling to bring data together from multiple internal and external sources?

Consolidate data from your cloud-based applications, on-premise systems and databases, with everything your team needs in a single consistent UI that your team will love. Instead of asking your team to jump between applications to find and update the data they need, create applications that unify data across applications and databases into a single consistent UI.

Bellini gives you the ability to build applications to connect APIs and harness the full power of your business data.


Create applications that encapsulate business processes

Use Bellini to encapsulate the user experience associated with workflows and business processes that are powered by Martini. With a library of components at your fingertips, Bellini can visualise how many events are at each step of a workflow, create forms for approval processes and user input, and render reports on service levels and goals. 

Bellini lets you create applications with visual interfaces to execute enterprise-wide integrations and automated business processes.

Supercharge the development of business applications

Rapid application development for custom business applications, dashboards, and reports. All in a single cloud-based platform.


Take charge with Bellini

Martini cuts the bull and streamlines API management across the entire API lifecycle. Create API centric integrations, workflows, and application microservices. Design, mock, and test an API without writing a single line of code. Deploy your API with full API management, security and analytics. Martini does it all.


Drag and drop from a library of enterprise components

Bellini’s visual development environment adopts a low-code approach, with a library of reusable user interface components that can be dragged and dropped onto a page canvas. Components include charts, data grids, forms, authentication, search, and navigational elements. Fast-track your application development process by selecting the components you need and arranging them onto the page canvas.

Bellini’s drag and drop component model simplifies application development for your business.


Create your own custom components

In addition to an extensive library of enterprise components, Bellini also gives you the option of creating custom components using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, providing limitless possibilities. Build the specific components you need, using a language you already understand, to unlock the full potential of your organisation’s information.

Bellini offers your organisation limitless possibilities for custom application development.


Easily bind each component to an API operation

Bellini makes it simple to consume the operations of an API and then bind them to user interface components such as charts, forms, and data grids. With support for Swagger and OpenAPI, you can import an API specification and then drag an operation from the API onto a component to consume it.

Bellini helps your organisation take full advantage of your APIs to supercharge efficiency.


Developer friendly and customisable

Bellini automatically creates services for each operation of your API so they can be bound to a component by simply dragging them onto the component itself. You can also add services to custom functions in your application using JavaScript. When writing custom functions, Bellini’s auto-complete feature further simplifies the development process, guiding you on all available operations.

Bellini makes rapid application development a reality for your organisation.

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