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Toro Cloud Pricing

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Your total plan cost: $299 p/mth

billed annually or $359 p/mth billed monthly



p/mth billed annually or $359 p/mth billed monthly
  • Unlimited developer accounts

  • Unlimited execution frequency

  • Unlimited integrations

  • Unlimited APIs

  • Unlimited workflows

  • Available as managed service or self hosted



The first 20 app users are free with any Martini plan
  • Unlimited developer accounts

  • Unlimited applications, dashboards, and reports

  • Unlimited custom components

  • Unlimited data sources

  • Single-sign-on user directory

  • Custom domain name per app



The first 5 data manifests are free with any Martini plan
  • Unlimited developer accounts

  • Unlimited core CDM entity library

  • Unlimited custom entities

  • SQL database export

  • RESTful API generation

Prices exclude any applicable Sales Tax, VAT, GST or JCT

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about any of Toro Cloud's products, usage, or billing please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

With Martini you have complete flexibility on how and where you deploy it. Deploying Martini as a managed service with Toro Cloud means that Martini Server is deployed, monitored, and managed for you.

On-Premise environments are self managed instances running on your own server or public cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. You setup and configure an on-premise instance to your own requirements.

A transaction is the execution of a service(s) from a Martini endpoint. Services are used to integrate applications, create data flows between data repositories, implement the operations of an API, or a step in a business process. Services are invoked by Martini endpoints such as a scheduler, via http, or an event. Services can, and often do, include other services. A sequence of services that is triggered by a single Martini endpoint counts as one transaction.

Example: When a contact is updated in Salesforce it calls Martini via webhook URL. This triggers an integration on Martini that writes the data to Netsuite as well as a local SQL database. In this case the Martini endpoint is a URL invoked by HTTP. This triggers one or more services that transforms the data into the required format and then posts it to the remote API of Netsuite and writes it to a local SQL database. As these services were invoked by a single endpoint this counts as one transaction.

Unlimited transaction plans are not limited by the number of transactions but rather the number of virtual CPU cores or vCPUs (sometimes referred to as logical CPUs) on the server that is running Martini. These plans enable you to deploy Martini to a server(s) with the equivalent number of vCPUs as your plan permits. Unlimited transaction plans start at 4 vCPUs and can be upgraded to additional vCPUs as required. Generally the more complex your Martini project, or the larger in size or the number of requests that Martini is processing, the more vCPUs will be required. For questions regarding sizing please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A single sign-on (SSO) directory enables you to manage all your users and the applications to which they are allowed to access. Authorized users can sign into any applicaiotn using the a single user name and password.

A manifest is a collection of data entities. A manifest can include sub manifests.

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