Revolutionize the way your organization manages data

Unify data between disparate systems with standards-compliant data models.

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Design, build and deploy data models faster

Save time by accessing a library of standards compliant data models. Build data models that suit your business by either extending an existing data model or creating your own.

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Rapidly deploy APIs and databases

Export database schemas for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. You can even generate a RESTful API with CRUD operations directly from your data models.

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Make data governance a breeze

Facilitate governance by rolling out standardised data models across your organization. Make compliance a breeze with the ability to easily reuse models across different applications and databases.


Unified data modeling

  • Common Data Model (CDM) standards compliant
  • Leverage any data entity from the CDM library
  • Create your own custom data models
  • Compile a collection of data entities into a manifest
  • Export database schemas to SQL databases
  • Auto generate a REST API with database operations

Get consistency across your internal applications

Do you feel like you are reinventing the wheel every time you define a new data entity?

Using the Common Data Model (CDM), an open standard for describing data models, Negroni allows you to create compliant data models as well as leverage standard entities to ensure consistency and interoperability between your applications.

Decouple your integrations

Are you integrating multiple systems with different data formats?

Instead of integrating systems directly with each other, decouple your integrations by mapping each data source to a unified data model created with Negroni.

Add or replace systems to an integration data flow with little to no impact on the other systems in the flow.

Gain insights into your data

What insights could you gain from your data if you could get visibility across systems?

Unleash the ability to gain valuable insights into your data by creating a unified view of your data.

Negroni can facilitate creating a unified view of your data by creating a common data model for the data entities used across your various applications and databases.

Get data consistency with Negroni

Design, build and deploy data models faster using an intuitive Common Data Model (CDM) compliant cloud-based platform. Deploy consistent data models to your integration data flows, internal applications and APIs.


Huge library of data entities

Negroni features a library of standard CDM data entities such as Account, Business Unit, Case, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Product that anyone can use (and extend) in their applications under a Creative Commons license. The entire library of standard entities from the Common Data Model is available to include, extend or otherwise modify in your own data model manifest.


Your data, your model

Your organization is unique and so is your data. With Negroni, you can create custom standards-compliant data models that are tailor-made for your organization. Create a consistent set of data definitions for all your applications to promote visibility, consistency, and integration between applications, teams, and departments.


Data governance made simple

With Negroni, you can create a library of data models for your organization and make them available for your development team to use. Developers will appreciate that they can build a custom manifest incorporating the models that they need and then export it to the SQL database of their choice. They’ll love that they can deploy a RESTful API to Martini with machine-generated database services at the click of a button.