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Agile API management

Wrangle your APIs and harness the full potential of your business with Toro Cloud’s API management capability. With our fully integrated platform, take charge of your APIs across the entire lifecycle, helping your business become more agile, more efficient, more collaborative, and more secure.


Foster greater agility

Looking for an edge over your competition in an increasingly dynamic environment?

Helping your organisation become more agile, our API management platform makes it easier to respond to change with a low code approach to API development. By eliminating the grunt work required when building APIs, your development team saves valuable time, your business gets APIs out to market sooner and you get a real edge over your competition.

Our API management capability helps your business rapidly create and deploy APIs to meet both the changing needs of your customers and your industry.


Unleash your team’s potential

Is your team constrained by an over-reliance on the IT department to access data?

Organisational APIs can unlock data held in applications and databases for use throughout the enterprise. Build a directory of available APIs within your organisation to enable your team to access the information they need, when they need it. Make it easy for teams to self-discover organisational APIs that offer secure access to the data they need to reduce the load on your IT department and help your business unlock its full potential.

Toro Cloud enables teams to access the data they need when they need it through APIs.


Maximise API adoption across your enterprise

Are you spinning your wheels creating APIs that are not being adopted by your intended consumers?

Using an API-first approach, our API management platform makes it easy to foster collaboration and engagement across your organisation. Engage stakeholders during the design process to ensure you create APIs that are fit for their purpose. Design APIs, make changes and mock service responses visually, using a simple tree hierarchy to enable consumers of the API to provide immediate feedback into the design process.

Our API management platform brings teams together with an API-first approach to foster collaboration and adoption.


Generate new revenue streams out of your data

Would you like to unlock the value you have tied up in your data? 

Toro Cloud opens up new revenue opportunities by leveraging the data you already own and making it available to consumers via APIs. Build new revenue streams by creating digital products and services out of your proprietary data and systems, making them available to digital consumers through APIs. 

Toro Cloud creates new revenue streams for your organisation by unlocking your valuable data through secure managed APIs.


Full lifecycle API Management

Design APIs

Design APIs visually in a simple tree hierarchy for better engagement. Make changes and mock service responses without writing any code.

Implement APIs

Implement API operations using simple low-code services. Build custom service logic, connect to internal or external systems, APIs, and databases.

Secure APIs

Reduce the risk of a serious data breach and secure your APIs to protect your data and infrastructure with built-in support for OAuth2 authentication.

Deploy APIs

Easily deploy your API to Toro Cloud in just a few clicks. Alternatively, publish your API to an API gateway or public cloud provider of your choice.

Manage APIs

Authorise access and implement limits to secure your APIs and systems. Authenticate users against an internal directory or third-party authenticator.

Make APIs discoverable

Create consistent and reusable APIs and make them discoverable with standards-compliant API description formats including OpenAPI.

Take charge of API management with Martini

Martini cuts the bull and streamlines API management across the entire API lifecycle. Design, mock, and test an API without writing a single line of code. Deploy your API with full API management, security and analytics. Martini and Toro Cloud do it all.


Create standards-compliant APIs

With Martini’s native OpenAPI 3.0 support, create APIs that are manageable and discoverable with machine and human-readable documentation. Offering solutions to create, consume, or publish standards-compliant OpenAPI, Martini makes it easy for your organisation to build standards-compliant APIs that can be utilised across your business.

Martini’s OpenAPI support delivers industry-standard API management to streamline APIs for your business.


Harness built-in API security

Reduce the risk of a serious API data breach with Martini’s inbuilt security features. Choose to authenticate users in just one click by applying Basic Authentication or enabling OAuth2, an open standard framework for API security. Authorise access to your APIs by issuing access tokens to users or user groups for greater control.

Martini boosts API security to protect your business, data and infrastructure from outside threats.


Deploy APIs with ease

Martini’s cloud-agnostic solution to API management makes it easy to deploy your APIs and associated services wherever you want. Deploy as a managed service on Toro Cloud, or to a public cloud provider such as AWS, Google or Azure, or on-premise with an API Gateway of your choice. 

Martini makes API deployment a breeze for your business, whatever your infrastructure of choice.


Enhance API discoverability

To get the most from your APIs and foster business collaboration, APIs need to be discoverable. Martini makes it easy for consumers to find and consume your APIs. Martini builds API documentation directly from the visual API designer. Standards-compliant OpenAPI, Swagger and Postman API schemas make it simple to consume your API for both machines and humans alike.

Martini pulls everything together so your business can harness the full power of your APIs.

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What our clients are saying


I really liked how quick and easy is the development of REST-full api...And of course the API security, including oAuth2 is available out of the box which is awesome.

Jose Carlos

I really love the easiness and specially the speed by which you can create a fully documented and secure API. It really takes away tons of boilerplate code and let's you focus on the important pieces.

Jaye Kenneth

My team deals with a lot of web-based projects for 10 years now and Martini is our go-to when it comes to managing APIs.


The versatility of the platform is great. You are able to create services with little or no code, create comprehensive API documentation, and easily secure your API, including oAuth2.


One Of The Best Platform For API Management And Integration


Martini Is An Awesome API Management Tool Which Supports Cutting Edge Technology Stack


It's been one and a half years since I am using the Martini and found it's one of the best tools for API management.


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