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We ♥ APIs

APIs are at the core of everything we do. All low-code microservices and workflows with Martini are RESTful by default. Want to write an API from scratch? Our API first methodology that allows you to design, mock, test, and iterate your API design with stakeholders without writing a single line of code. Publish APIs in a standards-compliant API specification such as OpenAPI with access security and controls.

We Heart APIs

Awarded Top 10 Cloud Provider APAC 2019 and Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution Companies - 2020

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Integrate, well, anything really

Integrate your entire enterprise. Martini can integrate your business applications, business partners and customers in a simple, manageable and standards compliant manner. With endpoints available out of the box for the most common protocols and transports you'll be building sophisticated integrations between your legacy systems, databases and cloud-based applications faster than you ever thought possible.

Integrate Anything
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We killed the connector.
So that you'll never need one again.

There are a lot of APIs out there and they are growing exponentially. Connectors are laborious to write and need to be updated manually each time an API changes. Martini killed the connector and instead imports the publisher's API schema and automatically generates the services required to consume the schema. Never again wait around for your integration platform to support or update an API that you would like to integrate.

Unleash data from legacy and line of business applications and databases

Digital transformation involves creating a cohesive enterprise operating system out of all the systems and processes that an enterprise utilizes. Martini facilitates an API centric ecosystem of systems and processes with API management tools and connectivity through manageable low-code services. Create new digital products, increase agility, and provide secure real-time access to the data that your business partners, customers, and employees require.

Unleash Data

Modernize legacy applications

Legacy systems are the backbone of many enterprises. They are also one of the biggest challenges associated with digital transformation and business agility. Legacy systems often have limited or no modern interfaces. They were built in the age of the monolithic architecture and often result in an application so complex that the stakeholders are too afraid to touch a legacy system in case they break it. Martini provides a path to update legacy systems by creating new modern standards-compliant interfaces built with manageable low-code microservices.

Modernized Legacy
Business Automate

Manual business processes?
Let's automate them.

Visually design a business process where each step represents a single process within a workflow. Processes can be triggered by system events or started explicitly by human intervention in the process. With Martini you can predefine steps to process data and make decisions for you or wait for an event to determine how to proceed. Martini's event-based workflow engine provides a way to define business processes, when a workflow should be triggered, what action should be taken or when to wait for certain events.

Data management

Enterprises process massive amounts of data from a multitude of sources. A lot of data resides in databases but then legacy systems may only write out to flat files to disk. SaaS solutions love talking in JSON but business partners may require that requests are sent to them in XML. Suppliers may send price lists or product catalogs in Excel spreadsheets. Martini can extract, load, transform, merge and verify the integrity of data in virtually any common data format and supports the world's most popular SQL and NoSQL databases.

Data Management

We get along with anyone

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Deploy Martini on any public cloud provider or on-premise server. Martini also supports a hybrid deployment utilising a combination of public cloud and on-premise deployments.

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