Create business applications at speed

Create dashboards, reports, and internal business applications using Bellini’s API-centric drag and drop component-based application designer.

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Rapid application development

Rapidly build applications from a library of fully customizable user interface components including charts, data grids, and forms.

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Unleash your data

Your systems already have APIs, start leveraging them. Render data in your application and post data back to any Swagger or OpenAPI compliant API.

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Extend Bellini with Martini

Read and write data to any data source including databases and spreadsheets. Create server-side application logic using Martini’s low code services


Component based design

  • Drag n drop application builder
  • Library of standard user interface components
  • Design your own custom components using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Bind components to an operation from any REST API
  • Authenticate users against a single sign on directory

Dashboard & reports

Is your data locked away in silos making it difficult to make informed decisions?

Providing access to relevant data in a timely manner is essential to enhance the business intelligence of your team.

Bellini’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to build custom dashboards to give your team the data they need to make informed decisions.

Unified user experience

Is your team hunting between applications to perform a single process?

Time spent copying and pasting data between applications and/or spreadsheets is frustrating for employees, results in lost productivity, and increases the chance of errors occurring.

Consolidate data from your cloud-based and on-premise applications in a single consistent UI that your team will love.

Encapsulate business processes

Is your team lacking a simple user interface to manage business processes?

Business processes such as recruiting employees or onboarding customers are complex. They often incorporate multiple systems and usually include human interaction to enter data or for an approval process.

Use Bellini to encapsulate the user experience associated with workflows and business processes that are powered by Martini.

Supercharge development of business applications

Rapid application development for custom business applications, dashboards, and reports. All in a single cloud-based platform.


Enterprise component

Bellini’s visual development environment allows you to leverage a library of reusable user interface components that can be dragged and dropped onto a page canvas. Components include charts, data grids, forms, authentication, search, and navigational elements. Fast-track your application development process by selecting the components you need and arranging them onto the page canvas.


Custom components

In addition to an extensive library of enterprise components, Bellini also gives you the option of creating custom components using standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, providing limitless possibilities. Build the specific components you need, using a language you already understand, to unlock the full potential of your organisation’s information.


API centric applications

Bellini makes it simple to consume the operations of an API and then bind them to user interface components such as charts, forms, and data grids. With support for Swagger and OpenAPI, you can import an API specification and then drag an operation from the API onto a component to consume it.