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Integrate any application

Merge and optimise information between applications and enable seamless systems integration with our complete application integration solution. Instead of struggling to manually integrate applications with multiple point-to-point interactions, our low-code platform enables you to integrate virtually any application with limitless extensibility and customisation.


Sync transactions in real-time

Are you struggling to update transactions across applications and keep them in sync?

Business success relies on your team having access to the most up to date information. A typical enterprise has dozens or even hundreds of applications deployed across their organisation. Our application integration platform brings your data together, delivering transactions between your applications in real-time and giving your team access to the most up-to-date business information to drive business success.

Sync transactions between your applications in real-time to ensure the accuracy and visibility of data across your systems.


Effortless enterprise application integration

Does it take too much time, effort, or expertise to connect applications in your business?

Our low code application integration platform eliminates the grunt work required to integrate applications and manage data. With native support for common enterprise application integration APIs, interfaces, data formats, protocols, and integration patterns, you can integrate most applications with little to no code, saving you valuable time. Create integrations that not only serve your requirements today but are infinitely flexible to support future growth.

Save valuable time and effort with our streamlined low-code solution to application integration.


Increase data accuracy

Is your team manually importing and exporting data between systems?

A manual approach to application integration not only adds time to your processes but is error-prone and can result in poor data quality. Inaccurate data can lead to serious costs for your organisation, including reputational damage, legal challenges, trust issues and impaired relationships with your customers. Increase data accuracy and avoid costly mistakes with our low-code automated approach to application integration.

Avoid costly errors and spend less time managing data with our user-friendly application integration platform.


Connect all your systems together

Increase efficiency

Connect business applications together to streamline your processes, reduce manual intervention and free up your team to take on higher-value tasks.

Integrate anything

From old legacy systems to modern SaaS applications, easily unlock valuable business data to better understand, analyse and harness your information.

Save time

Spend less time coding and fixing errors and more time interrogating and analysing data to unlock time and cost efficiencies across your business.

Better control

See all the data you hold across your business, understand the level of data quality and enforce

Improve functionality

Make it easier for teams to access the data they need, when they need it, streamlining processes

Automate workflows

Achieve greater productivity by choreographing the interaction of applications so that they operate as a single cohesive enterprise

Connect virtually anything with Martini

There are tens of thousands of APIs for cloud-based applications and they are growing exponentially. Martini’s connector-less approach to application integration means you can integrate any (or all) of them. Martini corrals both your cloud-based and on-premise systems and applications, making integration a breeze. Cloud to the cloud, cloud to on-premise, legacy systems and databases. Martini’s low-code platform enables you to unlock all the benefits of complete application integration.


Consume any API from any vendor

Can’t find your vendor’s API in our marketplace? Not a problem. Point Martini directly to the API of your choice and you’ll be integrating it within minutes without writing a single line of code. Martini supports ad hoc RESTful API connections where you just need to consume a few operations of an API. Alternatively, you can import an API description format including OpenAPI, Swagger, Postman, or SOAP. 

Martini’s integration solution allows your business to connect virtually any system, without complex coding.


Integrate any type of application, anywhere

Martini doesn’t just integrate SaaS and cloud applications. Integrate your entire enterprise, including legacy applications, cloud-based applications, custom enterprise applications and databases. It doesn’t matter if they talk REST, SOAP or use JSON or XML. Whether they are in the cloud or on-premise, Martini’s low-code integration solution can bring them together. 

Martini gets all your applications speaking the same language so they can share data, regardless of origin or type.


Get started with over 1700 SaaS application APIs

With Martini, you can integrate literally any RESTful API from any SaaS vendor. To get you started, we’ve set you up with over 1700 OpenAPI schemas in the Toro Marketplace. Implementing any operation from these APIs is a simple matter of running a wizard and dragging and dropping the operation into your integration service, giving you the power to connect virtually any application without writing a single line of code.

Martini lets you get started quickly with over 1700 SaaS application APIs already available in the Toro Marketplace.

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What our clients are saying


Whenever you are going to use some integration tool or workflow system to quickly solve some task you always need to face a steep learning curve. This is not the case with Martini.


Since almost everything can be done without having prior programming experience, even non-technical persons can engage with the API integration tasks which was a big plus point for our organization.


Great IDE for full lifecycle API management and application integration


Lightweight and very easy to use for your integration and API needs


One of the best tool i can consider for the integration solution...Wheather i need to connect GSuit to Office 365 or Hubspot Enagaements to Salesforce Activity... Thanks for such a product.


There are many projects in our system, which require repeated code for the integration of the same API's across services. Sometimes the flow becomes so complex that it becomes difficult to manage. Martini is a great tool to handle such usecases


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