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Why APIs, service discovery, and registry are crucial for your microservices architecture

Learn why APIs, service discovery, and registry are essential for your microservices architecture. Increase flexibility, scalability, and fault tolerance.

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Connecting APIs to databases: the perfect pairing for powerful applications

Connecting APIs to databases can make your application powerful and flexible, but it is not always straightforward, especially when dealing with different types of databases. This blog post explores the process of connecting APIs to different types of databases such as SQL, NoSQL, In-Memory and Graph databases, highlighting their pros and cons.
API Development

Best practices for maintaining consistent API performance over time

Learn how to ensure consistent API performance over time with our best practices guide. Discover the importance of designing for performance, testing and monitoring, optimizing API calls, and more. Improve reliability and performance for your users with these essential tips.
API Management

The importance of API versioning and best practices for microservices

Learn the importance of API versioning in microservices architecture and how to implement it effectively with our best practices guide. Discover how to manage APIs, document them using OpenAPI or Swagger, optimize performance, and ensure seamless integration across your system.

Discovering the power of Representational State Transfer (REST)

Discover the principles and history of Representational State Transfer (REST) and why its six constraints are essential for building scalable web services and APIs.

Resource representation: understanding JSON and XML

Discover JSON and XML resource representation in web development. Learn their advantages, differences, and impact on data interchange, API design, user experience, security, and collaboration.
Use Cases

Using error codes to improve API user experience: best practices and advanced techniques

Learn how error codes can enhance API user experience. Best practices and advanced techniques for improving troubleshooting. Common error codes explained.
API Management

Optimizing REST API Performance with query parameters for data filtering

Learn how to implement filtering by query parameters in your REST API to improve user experience, performance, and scalability. This blog covers the basics of query parameters, different types of filters, best practices for designing and optimizing filters, and tips for handling errors. Whether you're building a new REST API or improving an existing one, filtering with query parameters can help your clients get the most out of your API.

The key ingredients of RESTful APIs: resources, representations, and statelessness

Discover the key concepts of RESTful API development - resources, representations, statelessness - and build scalable, reliable APIs for modern apps.

Using query parameters and headers in REST API design

Learn benefits, examples & considerations of using query parameters & headers in REST API design. Improve functionality, security & performance.
API Management
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