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HTTP status codes 101: A guide implementing status codes in REST APIs

Learn how to implement and test HTTP status codes in REST APIs, including best practices for designing and choosing the right status codes.

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API versioning: URL vs Header vs Media Type versioning

Discover API versioning with URL, header, and media type approaches. Learn pros and cons, best practices, and choose the right strategy for your API needs.
API Management

Implementing RESTful endpoints: a step-by-step guide

This article emphasizes the importance of designing and implementing RESTful endpoints and encourages readers to implement them in their projects for API success.

Managing API changes and breaking changes in versioned APIs

This blog explores the best practices for managing API changes and breaking changes in versioned APIs. It covers the different types of versioning, the importance of updating APIs over time, the risks and benefits of making breaking changes, and a checklist of best practices for managing API changes. Real-world examples from companies like Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Google Cloud Platform, and Twilio illustrate these best practices in action.
API Management

Building a strong foundation: how to implement crud operations with APIs and databases

Learn how to implement CRUD operations using APIs and databases in web development, with a focus on RESTful and GraphQL APIs, SQL and NoSQL databases.
API Development

Unleashing the power of RESTful APIs: a deep dive into OpenAPI and Swagger

Unleash the power of RESTful APIs with OpenAPI and Swagger. Learn about the history, benefits, and how to get started using this specification to document and interact with APIs. Standardize, document, test, and generate code with OpenAPI and Swagger, language independently.

Mastering API data retrieval: a comprehensive guide to filtering and sorting

This blog provides a comprehensive guide to filtering and sorting in APIs. It covers the types of filters commonly used in APIs, best practices, and common mistakes to avoid. By the end of the guide, developers will have a thorough understanding of how to efficiently retrieve specific data from an API, streamline API data retrieval, and improve their software integration processes.
API Management

REST vs SOAP: A comprehensive guide to their differences

Discover key differences between REST and SOAP APIs. Learn pros and cons, functionality, security, use cases, and how to choose the right API standard.
Use Case

The importance of continuous API testing and how to build a strategy that works

Create & maintain effective API testing strategy for quality & functionality. Learn tips for automation. #APITesting #QualityAssurance
API Management

Pagination 101: why it matters and how to do it right in your API

Discover the importance of pagination in API development & effective implementation. Improve app performance & user experience with pagination techniques.
API Development
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