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APIs under attack: how to prepare for and respond to breaches

Learn how to secure your APIs from attacks with technical controls, incident response and disaster recovery plans. Don't wait until it's too late.

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Understanding HTTP methods in REST API development

Learn about the different HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.) and their usage in REST APIs. Understand their definitions, usage, limitations, and considerations for effective API design. Get a comprehensive guide for building robust and efficient APIs.

Revolutionizing software development: the power of low code platforms

Discover the advantages of utilizing Low Code Development for your next project. Learn about the top low code platforms for front-end and back-end development and how they can help streamline the app building process. Read now to find out more.
Software Developement

Optimizing API resource utilization with rate limiting and throttle controls

Learn about the importance of optimizing API resource utilization and how rate limiting and throttle controls can improve stability, performance, and security. Discover best practices for implementing these tools and delivering a better user experience.
API Management

Data integration done right: tips, tricks, and techniques for success

Learn how to integrate your data for better decision-making. Discover methods, tools, and best practices for successful data integration.
Data Integration

Using caching strategies to improve API performance

Learn how to use caching strategies to improve API performance and speed up your applications. This guide covers the different types of caching (client-side and server-side), their benefits, and techniques, including HTTP cache headers, local storage, database caching, in-memory caching, and more.
API Management

API design principles for optimal performance and scalability

Learn how to optimize the performance of your APIs with this comprehensive guide to the principles and best practices of API performance optimization. Discover tips for using efficient data structures, optimizing database queries, using caching effectively, minimizing network round trips, and monitoring performance regularly.
API Development

12 pitfalls to avoid in data integration

Learn about the 12 common pitfalls of data integration and how to avoid them. Discover tips and tricks for a successful data integration journey, from data backup to error handling and more.
Big Data
No, robots will not take your job: Why we shouldn’t be afraid of RPA

No, robots will not take your job: Why we shouldn’t be afraid of RPA

Shelly Kramer dispels our fears that RPA will make people redundant and why embracing a culture of automation is crucial in today’s business setting.

Ex-Amazon IT manager shares how they migrated from a monolith to SOA

Lee Atchison talks about his time at Amazon, their migration from a monolith architecture to SOA and the lessons they’ve learned.
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