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Rapid application development

Develop business applications at speed to boost productivity, efficiency and performance with Toro Cloud’s rapid application development platform. Unleash data from APIs and databases with low-code API centric applications and microservices. With our user-friendly low-code drag and drop platform, it’s easy to quickly deploy dashboards, reports and line of business applications to meet changing business needs.


Build business applications faster

Is your business struggling with long development lead times from concept to launch? 

To accelerate your application development process, combine the intuitive application designer Bellini for your application frontend with the power of Martini serving your backend services. Martini handles all the back end services and APIs using a low code approach, while Bellini’s drag and drop front end builder connects to the APIs you create. With front end and back end application support, quickly build and deploy applications as you need them, cutting down long lead times and increasing business responsiveness.

Our application development platform helps your organisation rapidly create and deploy business applications to meet the changing needs of your market.


Create a world of possibilities

Can your IT team respond to all the demands of your organisation, allowing them to think big and innovate?

Remove barriers to innovation and foster an environment of possibilities with our rapid application development platform. Create real API centric productivity applications in days, rather than months, and foster a mindset within your organisation that anything is possible. By building applications to unify data from across your business and automating processes, your team can respond to the market faster, identify new opportunities, and think big.

Our application development platform makes it easy for your teams to see the possibilities, think big and innovate.


Boost productivity & performance

Does your team spend nearly as much time searching for data as actually using it?

With a single platform, build applications to unify data from APIs, databases and SaaS applications to make it easy for your team to find what they need so they can do their job. Create a personal command centre with a single unified view to stop the time-consuming hunt for information held in different applications and data silos. Build applications to fully harness your APIs and improve business efficiency.

Our application development platform gives you the ability to unify organisation-wide data in a single, user-friendly interface.


Develop applications with drag and drop

Visual application designer

Use a browser-based development environment that includes everything you need to visually design and publish platform-agnostic applications.

Components library

Choose from a library of components suitable for building enterprise applications. You can also build custom components using AngularJS.

Unleash data from APIs

Bind APIs from your SaaS and in-house applications to UI components to create dashboards, reports, and interactive line-of-business applications.

User management

Create users and user groups in just a few clicks to easily manage permissions, authorise access and implement limits to secure your applications.

Connect to databases

Connect applications securely to backend databases, giving access only to data end-users who are authorised to read or write.

Create your own application logic

Create API centric services containing custom application logic or event-based workflows.

Create your own applications built on APIs

Combine the application development power of Bellini with the API expertise of Martini to wrangle your data and get more from your APIs. Harness a no-bull approach to rapidly build, test and deploy applications while effortlessly connecting APIs and automating services to streamline the process. All in a single cloud-based platform.


Create custom dashboards or line of business applications

With a library of components at your fingertips, Bellini makes it easy to create platform-agnostic applications built on APIs. Build custom dashboards by rendering data from your APIs or by drawing data from other sources across your organisation. Create line of business applications to streamline your processes and deliver enterprise-level visibility.

Bring all your information together to create applications specific to the needs of your business.


Manage application security

Safeguard application security with a range of built-in security management tools. Prevent unauthorised access by authenticating end-users with approval to access the application. Further, control access to the data within your application by restricting the information that authorised end-users can access, providing a double layer of security.

Safeguard your business, data and applications with a comprehensive approach to application security.


Integrate with existing workflows

Use Bellini to create dashboards to visualise workflows and business processes that are automated with Martini or exposed in other applications. In a single view, see how many events are waiting at each stage of the workflow and create reports on service levels and goals. Build a consistent user experience for your workflows by creating a UI for the stages of the workflow that require human interaction such as an approval process or data entry.

Create applications with visual interfaces executing enterprise-wide integrations and automated business processes.


Easily migrate from your existing platform

Consolidate your applications into a single cohesive end-user experience. Read data from multiple APIs and databases, bring the data into a user interface that your team understands and then give them a single user experience to post data back to all the systems that require it. Save time and reduce errors hopping between applications to read and write data. 

Simplify data consolidation from multiple platforms to maintain data accuracy and ease of use.

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What our clients are saying


Having drag and drop feature, easily usable UI components makes developing end to end solutions easy.


All In One IDE (MicroService - Logging - Security - Reporting - Database)


Both client and backend developers can work at their own pace. Greatly reduces the task blocking on the clientside development because of the unfinished module in the backend.


An exciting all-in-one tool for creating application services...I am amazed at how easy it is to use and create services and endpoints.


Martini has all the required features needed for application development.


I am working as Salesforce Developer and I know there are many limitation through which we often hit the limitations and we need to implement micro-services...then we found martini and guess what then we never look back


Planning of software architecture and APIs are extremely easy before actually writing code.


Our products speak for themselves

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