Smash targets by automating repetitive tasks


Remove repetitive tasks with RPA

Robotic process automation streamlines complex business processes and automates manual processes to improve quality and workforce productivity. By creating automated processes to take care of repetitive tasks, you can free up your staff for higher-value work, eliminate human error and benefit from greater efficiency.


Focus on what matters most

Are your staff bogged down in repetitive tasks, with no time to tackle higher-value work?

Automation is your key to eliminating manual, low-value and repetitive processes and re-focusing your efforts on higher-value functions. By harnessing the power of robotic process automation, you can visually design processes to take care of repetitive tasks and free your staff to use their full skillset on projects designed to grow your organisation. 

Our robotic process automation capability helps your business, and your staff, focus on what really matters.


Increase employee satisfaction

Are staff turnover and attrition rates rising in your organisation and driving up costs?

Keep employees engaged, satisfied and motivated by streamlining low-value and repetitive tasks with robotic process automation. By eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks, teams will be free to use their full skillsets to drive growth, productivity and innovation for your business, increasing their own job satisfaction and productivity in the process.

Our robotic process automation helps your business retain top talent and find new ways to innovate.


Improve data accuracy

Are exceptions, errors and data inaccuracies impeding your business growth?

Utilise robotic process automation to eliminate manual data processing and reduce human error. Harness the power of computer-controlled process automation to avoid errors, prevent reverse workflows and ensure ongoing data accuracy and consistency. Create controls and rules to reduce the need for manual intervention and improve overall data accuracy for your business. 

Our robotic process automation relentlessly processes data accurately over and over again.


Improve business processes across your organisation

Sales and marketing

Automate campaign workflows, client account creation, CRM updates, reporting, analytics, contract management and sales data compilation.

Finance and accounting

Automate data validations, accounts receivable and payable, reporting, customer account management, form filling and receipt reconciliation.

Human resources

Automate onboarding, payroll processing, verification checks, performance management, attendance and workforce reporting.

Information technology

Automate backup and patch management, access requests, customer notifications, incident management, reporting and software installation.

Business operations

Automate appointment scheduling, reminders, notifications, email communication, forms processing, administration and reporting.

Customer service

Automate call centre management, order support, CRM updates, complaint handling, self-service support and client communication.

Easily build RPA systems

Use the power of Martini to embed robotic process automation across your organisation. Design your workflows visually using our workflow mapper to ensure every task is covered. Trigger workflows via human interaction or system events to suit the needs of your business. Automation is truly the key to your future success.


Drag and drop workflow builder

Define asynchronous workflows visually by creating states using our drag and drop workflow builder. Each state represents the individual steps in a workflow. Dragging a line between two states allows you to define the event trigger that will transition the workflow to the next state, such as a form being approved or declined, without time-consuming manual handling. 

Creating effective business workflows is easy with the help of Toro Cloud.


Trigger workflows from any source

Automate manual business processes and monitor their progress by creating states for each step in a business process to represent an action, a decision based on data, or human interaction. These processes can be started explicitly or triggered by events such as a file being written to disk, HTTP request, scheduled service or a JMS message on a queue.

Developing fully automated business processes is within reach with Toro Cloud.


Simple monitoring and reporting

Keep track of all your automated workflows and processes with our visual workflow tools. Have a clear view of every action, decision and trigger point within an automated process to monitor progress and evaluate the performance of the workflow. With the entire process digitised, it’s easy to quantify results and run reports to identify potential issues and trends.

Access real data and monitor the success of your workflows with Toro Cloud.


Built-in exception handling

Identify exceptions and automate specific actions with event-based workflows. Define triggers to identify exceptions and direct them out of the main workflow for manual intervention. Create checkpoints in the process, in between connected workflows and APIs, to identify any additional exceptions or errors before they progress any further. 

Identify exceptions and resolve them within your workflows with the help of Toro Cloud.

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What our clients are saying


But to my opinion the best feature available in Martini is Flux, with it you can automate all your business processes.


As you can also create the workflow for your business. you will connect with third-party applications...So, this is the complete package for solve any business use cases.


I really liked the intuitive tool for building workflows, since when you write it yourself from 0 it is very expensive and complex.

Jaye Kenneth

Overall, in my experience using Martini, the business process automation is the best part. Our team's Lambda Testing Tools and BI Dashboard tools are easy to integrate with Martini, so processes become automated.


Whenever you are going to use some integration tool or workflow system to quickly solve some task you always need to face a steep learning curve. This is not the case with Martini.


Our products speak for themselves

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