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Arnaud Lauret

The Design of Web APIs with Arnaud Lauret

In this episode, API Handyman Arnaud Lauret joins us and discusses the design of web APIs - from making them consistent and discoverable, to the roles that the API gateway plays. He also chimes in on whether adopting new technologies and trends in API architecture would be the best approach to design your APIs.

Kamales Lardi

Going through a digital transformation journey with Kamales Lardi

In this episode, Lardi & Partner CEO and one of Awards Magazine's "Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers" Kamales Lardi guides us through a typical organization's journey through digital transformation. She also shares with us her experiences in transforming organisations, and what it really takes to find success in your digital transformation initiatives.

Sam Newman

Why microservices should be your last resort with Sam Newman

Are microservices really the solution that could help make your teams more autonomous and speed up your delivery to the market? Microservices author and thought leader Sam Newman answers this, and talks about what you need to consider before you do your migration (if a migration is even necessary).

Martin Kleppmann

Designing Data Intensive Applications with Martin Kleppmann

In this episode, Senior Research Associate from the Cambridge University and author of "Designing Data Intensive Applications" Martin Kleppmann joins us and discusses how they are finding ways to make software collaboration and ownership properly coexist through their "local-first software" project, which will allow users to work offline without compromising important security aspects and user data control.

Pete Hodgson

Managing your software team's growing pains with Pete Hodgson

In this episode, former ThoughtWorker and independent software consultant Pete Hodgson talks about addressing pain points in software development teams and cross-team collaboration. He also educates on code-ownership, technical debt and better product engagement in developing internal platforms.

Bryan Seely

From US Marine to Hacker: A story on cybersecurity with Bryan Seely

Going from a Marine into a hacker is quite the story, and world-renowned cybersecurity expert Bryan Seely joins us in this episode to tell us what it's like. He also tackles various issues in hacking and cybersecurity, and what companies can do to protect themselves against attacks.

Robin Moffatt

Explaining how Kafka works with Robin Moffatt

In this episode, Confluent Senior Developer Advocate Robin Moffat talks about Apache Kafka and the advantages it offers, the future of the event-streaming space, and his role in the community as a developer advocate.

George Fairbanks

Defining technical debt with George Fairbanks

In this episode, "Just Enough Software Architecture" author and Google Software Engineer George Fairbanks educates us on technical debt and how it's a natural part of the software development process. He also gives practical advice on dealing with technical debt and the philosophies that have changed along with the evolution of software architecture.

Laurie Williams

Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity with Laurie Williams

How safe are your security mechanisms for a potential cyberattack? In this episode we talk to Laurie Williams, Distinguished University Professor from North Carolina State University about cybersecurity, taking a proactive stance on it, and how organisations can get started on building more secure software products.

Bernd Ruecker

Practical Process Automation with Bernd Ruecker

Author of Practical Process Automation, Bernd Ruecker, talks about the relationship of automation and workflow engines, how we can implement process automation effectively and the relevance of isolation and boundaries in automation. He also gives his thoughts on robotic process automation and explains why he considers it a "short-term painkiller" for organisations.