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Continuous Data Management in Agile Development

Explore the symbiotic relationship between Continuous Data Management and Agile Development. Learn how integrating key data management pillars can optimize Agile methodologies, enhancing efficiency, data quality, and governance.

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How pockets of innovation create agile teams

How pockets of innovation create agile teams

During an episode of the Coding Over Cocktails podcast, Erik discussed how enterprises should focus on creating a series of small wins through pockets of innovation.
Agile Development
Going Agile in 2021

Going Agile in 2021?

Work is never going to be the same again. 2020 has seen work undergo transformative change due to remote working setups adopted across the globe.
Agile Development
Company remote teams

Can you make your remote teams more 'agile'?

In a bid to make communication between remote working teams easier during this pandemic, organizations are seen investing in more collaboration tools and technologies.
Agile Development
CIOs digital transformation

CIOs to prioritize digital transformation

CIOs are now at the forefront of businesses, battling the complexities and challenges brought by the pandemic.
Agile Development
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