The evolution of the Toro t-shirt

David Brown  |  January 11, 2019


UPDATE: 9/9/19 References to Toro Integrate, Toro Coder and Toro Coder Cloud refer to pre-release versions of Martini Desktop and Martini Online.

In some respects the evolution of our t-shirts represents the evolution of our brand. Many of the concepts have remained consistent such as “enterprise application cloud”. Some things have changed such as our domain migrating from to


This is where it all began. Our very first shirt. Only three were ever made and this is the only one left. We had these embroidered with our logo at a local shopping mall and wore them whilst attending a trade show.


Next came the obligatory polo neck; the default uniform of software companies worldwide. Ours featured our domain name at the time prominently on the rear of the shirt. Early on we saw ourselves developing an Enterprise Application Cloud, that is, an entire ecosystem for digital transformation as opposed to just a standalone integration product. This became our tagline and was placed underneath our domain name.


The second generation of our polo shirt focussed more on the cyan colour of our logo whilst reversing the colour of the logo on the shirt to white. We reduced the emphasis on our domain name on the rear of the shirt and focussed more on our brand. We introduced a new secondary tagline “What will you Integrate?”. The tagline was designed to get the audience thinking about the integration issues their organization is facing.


A polo shirt can feel a little formal sometimes. The team at Toro were keen to have a more casual t-shirt as another option. The result featured Togo, our new mascot, on the front. This t-shirt introduced the concept of an “integration ninja”. That is, with Toro Integrate, you could become an “integration ninja” or the “best of the best” in the field of application integration and business process automation.


At the time our website and new domain name,, was featuring dark grey tones so we introduced these into the third iteration of our polo shirt. The Toro brand was large and prominent on the rear of the shirt.


Our current generation of t-shirts introduces the french navy blue theme of our website with simple classic designs.

Shirt French Martini

For the first time we introduced product logos on our t-shirts. This one for Toro Integrate features the Toro Integrate ninja star on the front.


The Toro Coder Cloud and Toro Coder Studio products were represented with a single Toro Coder t-shirt as both products use the same application icon, the difference being that one product is browser based whilst the other is a desktop application.

We already have several more designs in the pipeline using the same french navy blue base t-shirt. We hope to launch a merchandise store in the not too distant future for those wanting to acquire their very own Toro t-shirt.


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