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Podcasts about Security

Dana Gardner

Embracing a security-minded culture through operational resiliency with Dana Gardner

What should companies prioritise as we continue to shift towards a more digitally transformed world Interarbor Solutions Principal Analyst and host of the BriefingsDirect podcast Dana Gardner answers this and discusses the values that should be fostered inside organisations in order to keep up with the technological change that comes with digital transformation.

Sashank Dara

How the pandemic impacted cybersecurity with Sashank Dara

In this episode, Seconize co-founder and CTO Sashank Dara talks to us about the challenges associated with cybersecurity and how the pandemic has affected it. We also learn about the costs of cyberattacks and how a company board can get involved in strengthening their defenses.

Bryan Seely

From US Marine to Hacker: A story on cybersecurity with Bryan Seely

Going from a Marine into a hacker is quite the story, and world-renowned cybersecurity expert Bryan Seely joins us in this episode to tell us what it's like. He also tackles various issues in hacking and cybersecurity, and what companies can do to protect themselves against attacks.

Laurie Williams

Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity with Laurie Williams

How safe are your security mechanisms for a potential cyberattack? In this episode we talk to Laurie Williams, Distinguished University Professor from North Carolina State University about cybersecurity, taking a proactive stance on it, and how organisations can get started on building more secure software products.

Kaliya Young

Getting to know our digital identities with Kaliya Young

"Identity Woman" expert Kaliya Young joins us on this episode and discusses the value of a self-sovereign identity on the internet and how it works. She also talks about identity management and why advocating for our digital selves is important.