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Podcasts about Digital Transformation

Linda Luu

Navigating the edge of digital transformation with Linda Luu

How do you drive value to your organisation's digital transformation? In this episode, we are joined by one of the co-authors of "Edge: Value Driven Digital Transformation" Linda K. Luu, who educates us on where organisations should invest in to find success with their digital initiatives. She also gives an overview of the "lean value tree" and how it can help set priorities and put value in the organisation's work.

Dana Gardner

Embracing a security-minded culture through operational resiliency with Dana Gardner

What should companies prioritise as we continue to shift towards a more digitally transformed world Interarbor Solutions Principal Analyst and host of the BriefingsDirect podcast Dana Gardner answers this and discusses the values that should be fostered inside organisations in order to keep up with the technological change that comes with digital transformation.

Cheryl Miller Van Dyck

Addressing the IT gender gap with Cheryl Miller Van Dyck

How does the existing gender gap permeate the areas of IT and digital transformation? In this episode, we tackle how we can make opportunities in the tech industry more accessible for women and how they add value to the workforce. Joining us is Director of the Digital Leadership Institute Cheryl Miller Van Dyke, who also educates us on their approach to bringing women to the IT space by equipping them with skills on leadership, entrepreneurship and digital literacy.

Alina TImofeeva

In between legacy and cloud with Alina Timofeeva

As we move forward to a more digitally transformed world, the task of migrating your legacy systems can be daunting and could set you up for failure. How do you prepare for that? In this episode, Associate Partner at Oliver Wyman Alina Timofeeva discusses the process and what to expect during your transformation journey. She also talks about her experiences in the industry and how overcoming her personal failures helped her move forward and inspire her work.

Matthew Reinbold

The State of the API in 2021 with Matthew Reinbold

How did APIs become instrumental to driving digital transformation in 2021? In this episode, Postman's Director for API Platform Ecosystems and Digital Transformation Matthew Reinbold returns to talk to us about their findings in The 2021 State of API report, and how APIs have become essential in allowing businesses to adapt to massive change. We also learn how IT teams are approaching API development, how to become a high-performing API company, and some tips to get the competitive edge against slow-adaptors.

Gary O'Brien

Developing a Digital Transformation Game Plan with Gary O'Brien

How do you come up with a well-designed digital transformation strategy? Author of "Digital Transformation Game Plan" Gary O'Brien tells us how by identifying an organisation's "degree of fluency" and the necessary change one must be prepared to face to find success. He also shares his experiences working firsthand with modern digital businesses and how they are able to continuously transform themselves by taking a step ahead.

Sabine Laute

Building a digital transformation office with Sabine Laute

In this episode, we are joined by The Adecco Group’s Senior Vice President and Regional Transformational Lead for DACH Countries and Northern Europe Sabine Laute, who shares her experiences in leading digital transformation initiatives in a global organisation. She also gives advice in managing these initiatives and what it takes to truly embrace digital transformation.

Eric Broda

How technology is driving Open Banking in Canada with Eric Broda

In this episode, we talk to Eric Broda, an Executive Consultant for Open Banking, where he educates us on how Open Banking is currently being explored in Canada and the opportunities it can create in the banking industry, potentially paving the way towards digital transformation.

Amancio Bouza

Exploring fintech innovations and trends with Amancio Bouza

API thought leader and Contovista AG Chief Product Officer Amancio Bouza joins us again to discuss the innovations that are driving the fintech industry, such as autonomous finance and Open Banking. He also shares his insights on whether or not the pandemic paved the way for companies to achieve "true" digital transformation.

Charles Araujo

Misconceptions on digital transformation with Charles Araujo

In this episode, the founder of the Institute of Digital Transformation Charles Araujo aims to address some misconceptions most companies have when it comes to digital transformation and argues why 2020 wasn't the transformational year we all thought it was. He also talks about the importance of "intellectual curiosity" and why we should stop adhering to the "tech company fallacy."