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Toro Cloud Named Top Digital Transformation Solution Provider 2020 APAC

HONGKONG – Toro Cloud has once again been successfully recognized by APAC CIOoutlook in one of its Top 10 awards – this time in providing digital transformation solutions.


APAC CIOoutlook magazine hailed TORO Cloud as one of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution companies in 2020.

In its May 21, 2020 release, APAC CIOoutlook magazine hailed Toro Cloud as one of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution companies in 2020.


This award comes hot on the heels after last year’s recognition by the same publication as one of the top cloud solution companies of 2019, starting off a streak for the Hong Kong-based software development company.

According to Toro Cloud CEO David Brown, this recognition stands as a testament to the company’s goal – which is to make enterprise application integration and business process automation accessible to businesses of all sizes.


David Brown
"We are truly honored to be recognized for the second time by APAC CIOoutlook. The team at Toro Cloud would definitely take this success to heart as we continuously strive to deliver better, faster, and more efficient solutions for businesses trying to find success in this increasingly competitive digital landscape."


David’s company is known for its flagship API platform Martini, which provides an accessible enterprise application integration solution to integrate legacy and cloud-based applications, consume and publish APIs, log transactions, and create reports in a low-code and developer-friendly environment.

This falls right in line with APAC CIOoutlook’s objective in building this top 10 list – that is, looking for organizations that are stepping up to face the challenges of digitalization.

"This particularly concerns well-established companies that are not primarily structured around or operating in the digital economy, and thus do not have native digital structures, yet whose future will depend on successful digital transformation," says APAC CIOoutlook in its release.



APAC CIOoutlook is a print magazine that aims to provide a platform for CIOs, CTOs and other senior-level IT buyers and decision-makers along with CXOs of solution providers to share their experiences, wisdom, and advice with the enterprise IT community of APAC countries.

About Toro Cloud

Sydney, Australia based Toro Cloud was originally founded in 2014 by Australian founder and CEO, David Brown. Toro Cloud employs around 50 people. The company was funded with seed capital in excess of USD $1M by its founder and has bootstrapped its operations since that time. Toro Cloud's mission is to offer its customers a dramatically easier way to build, manage, and deploy solutions for the digital transformation of an enterprise.

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