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Toro Cloud’s Martini is now G2’s highest-rated iPaaS, surpassing Zapier, Mulesoft

January 27, 2021 (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) - Toro Cloud, a company that enables the digital transformation of an enterprise, today announced that its low-code, API-centric iPaaS Martini has secured the top spot in G2’s iPaaS software category, surpassing industry heavyweights such as Zapier, Workato, and Mulesoft, among others.

Fuelled by more than 200 independent reviews, Martini ranked highest across all segments, garnering stellar rankings in G2’s Satisfaction and Setup and Support metrics, while averaging more than 90 percent in all review criteria.

In a LinkedIn post, Chris Perrine, G2 Vice President in the Asia Pacific, congratulated Toro Cloud for landing the top spot.

“Zapier might be in the news for their funding round, but Toro Cloud's Martini is also in the news for the success they are seeing. They are now rated #1 in G2's iPaaS Software category, with some outstanding results,” says Perrine.

Martini got a G2 Satisfaction Score of 97 out of 100, besting industry heavyweights such as Zapier (93 out of 100), Workato (85 out of 100), and Mulesoft (79 out of 100). Source:

The top iPaaS software ranking is based on G2’s Satisfaction Score, which “is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings from review data. Software buyers can compare products according to their satisfaction scores to streamline the buying process and quickly identify the best products based on the experiences of their peers.”

Here are some of Martini’s recent reviews from real users:

  • “I believe REST API creation, securing and documentation might be the best features for a Non-Java programmer like me. It provides a great developer documentation and quick start guide to get started easily even for a newbie. I believe even people with a little or no experience in programming can create HTTP services with the intuitive interface includes wizards, auto-complete, drag 'n' drop data mapper and a lot more features. Last but not least feature I would love to mention is the visual report builder, which came out of the box and gives provision to generate reports with formatting and graphs.” - Hardy J

  • “Creating an API is very simple and intuitive with Martini's user interface. Everything from creating an API to publishing, documenting and reporting is built into this tool. All these steps in an API lifecycle are highly customizable with little code or no code, for example, the documentation can be automatically ported to an equivalent Swagger, OpenAPI or Postman representation without manual configuration.“ - Akash S

  • “Because Martini is easy to install, update and operate making it ideally suited for your needs. An all-in-one product for your application back end APIs and Services.” - Re?at A

Toro Cloud CEO and Founder David Brown says that the award is a testament to the commitment of the company to deliver a platform that facilitates digital transformation projects and create new products – all while providing a well-designed interface within a low-code environment, as well as transparent pricing options.

Martini covers a lot of ground between application integration and application development. With it, users can:

  • Design, consume, and publish APIs. Apply security and usage rules to your APIs. Monitor API analytics.

  • Integrate internal applications and databases with cloud-based services, business partners, and customers.

  • Automate manual processes and workflows. Trigger automation from system events or human interaction.

The platform can also be deployed as a fully managed service on Toro Cloud, on a private or public cloud, or as an on-premise deployment behind the corporate firewall. It also supports a hybrid deployment utilizing a combination of cloud and on-premise deployments.

About Toro Cloud

Sydney, Australia based Toro Cloud was originally founded in 2014 by Australian founder and CEO, David Brown. Toro Cloud employs around 50 people. The company was funded with seed capital in excess of USD $1M by its founder and has bootstrapped its operations since that time. Toro Cloud's mission is to offer its customers a dramatically easier way to build, manage, and deploy solutions for the digital transformation of an enterprise.

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