TORO Integrate Pricing

Build integrations, APIs and microservices on your own computer using TORO Integrate Desktop Edition together with the integrated development environment TORO Coder Studio. Deploy finished projects to TORO Cloud or any Server Edition.

Free edition

Absolutely free

Build finished integrations, APIs and microservices for free. Community Support

  • 5 integration packages
  • 20 integration endpoints
  • 5 message queues/topics
  • 10 named API users
  • Single user account limit
  • Lower uptime, invoke and session limits
  • includes support for:

  • Embedded search index, broker & database
  • Community support

Includes a free 30 day trial of Professional Edition

Professional edition

Billed in USD

For professional developers. Includes higher usage limits and standard professional support.

  • 15 integration packages
  • 50 integration endpoints
  • 15 message queues/topics
  • 25 named API users
  • Single user account limit
  • Higher uptime, invoke and session limits
  • includes all Free Edition features plus:

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Professional support
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Build and deploy integrations, APIs and microservices entirely online. Nothing to download, install or manage. Provisioned instantly.


Invokes p/mth





Secure multi-tenant



Secure multi-tenant



Secure multi-tenant



Secure multi-tenant



Secure multi-tenant



Dedicated server, 4 logical CPU cores

* all plans include a single TORO Integrate user developer account. Additional user accounts $49 p/mth. Service usage fees in excess of free tier apply.

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Host TORO Integrate on your own server or on any public cloud provider including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Branch edition

Billed in USD

Simple single server installation. Suitable for most small business deployments.

  • 25 integration packages
  • 100 integration endpoints
  • 25 message queues/topics
  • 50 named API users
  • Includes 2 logical CPU cores
  • Max 2 logical CPU cores
  • includes support for:

  • Embedded Solr search index
  • Embedded ActiveMQ broker
  • Embedded and MySQL databases

Corporate edition

Billed in USD

For higher transaction volume deployments and greater scalability.

  • 50 integration packages
  • 200 integration endpoints
  • 50 message queues/topics
  • 2000 named API users
  • Includes 2 logical CPU cores
  • Optionally up to 8 logical CPU cores
  • includes all Branch Edition features plus:

  • Stand-alone Solr search index
  • Stand-alone ActiveMQ broker
  • PostgreSQL database

Enterprise edition

Billed in USD

Support for enterprise class databases and massive scalability.

  • Unlimited integration packages
  • Unlimited integration endpoints
  • Unlimited message queues/topics
  • Unlimited named API users
  • Includes 2 logical CPU cores
  • Optionally up to 1024 logical CPU cores
  • includes all Corporate Edition features plus:

  • SolrCloud search index
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and
  • additional enterprise databases