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With TORO Integrate everything ships out of the box

TORO Integrate includes everything you need to integrate all your legacy and cloud-based applications, consume APIs, publish your own APIs, automate workflows, log transactions, and create reports.

Application integration

Integrate in-house and cloud-based applications via common protocols such as REST, SOAP, FTP, email, and chat and file formats including JSON, XML, Excel and CSV.

Publish APIs

Publish your own APIs, set security and access controls, create monetization rules, proxy existing services, and produce stunning reports.

Automated workflows

Trigger asynchronous workflows and automate manual business processes with Flux; TORO Integrate's built-in event-based workflow engine.

Integrate, well, anything really

Integrate your entire enterprise. TORO Integrate can integrate your business applications, business partners and customers in a simple, manageable and standards compliant manner. With endpoints available out of the box for the most common protocols and transports you'll be building sophisticated integrations between your legacy systems, databases and cloud-based applications faster than you ever thought possible.

Say yes to data management

Got lots of data? Partners want to send or receive data in specific formats? TORO Integrate can extract, load, transform, merge and verify the integrity of data. Read and write JSON, XML, and flat file formats. Connect to databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. Iterate through massive datasets with built-in support for cursors and ensure that transactions are processed correctly with XA transactions support.

We killed the connector. Now you don't need one.

Think you need a connector to integrate with the APIs you already use? Think again.

Why we had to kill the connector

A connector is a piece of code that wraps an external API so that it can communicate with your application. Pretty much all our competitors use connectors. What’s wrong with connectors? They go out of date. Often. Really often.

You see, publishers frequently change their APIs, oftentimes with little to no warning. With a connector you are reliant on the application vendor to (a) have a connector for each publisher you would like to integrate, (b) proactively monitor when publishers make changes to their API, and (c) update the connector to support the API changes.

Long live the API schema

TORO Integrate eliminates the dependency on connectors. Instead integrate directly with any API from any publisher by simply importing the publishers API schema. If the API changes, just import the publishers latest schema and you’re ready to go again. There is no need to wait in hope that the vendor of your application integration software will ship a new connector.

Oh, and if a schema is not available for the API you want to consume, don’t worry, we created a free Chrome plugin called Docs to OpenAPI that will enable you to create an OpenAPI schema directly from the publisher’s API documentation.

Crush API design & management

Create REST APIs without coding

Design, prototype and deploy OpenAPI compliant REST APIs with TORO Integrate’s API Designer. Design REST APIs using a simple tree hierarchy with nodes in the tree representing service operations and methods. Publish your API with OpenAPI or Swagger compliant schemas.

Create SOAP APIs

Create a SOAP API in seconds by selecting the services that you would like to publish and your preferred security model. A SOAP WSDL is automatically generated without writing a single line of code.

Manage API security

Apply oAuth2 security to your APIs with zero programming. Create users and user groups and issue access tokens to authorise access to your APIs.

Manage API usage

Manage API usage at a user level with support to throttle the number of requests a user can make per month, week, day, hour or minute. Optionally configure a custom script to evaluate before serving every request.

Monetize your APIs

Monetize your APIs by logging authorized users usage and creating billing rules. Configure custom rules to bill for usage based on price tiers, service plans or any other criteria.

Proxy legacy APIs

Leverage legacy APIs by proxying them through TORO Integrate. Legacy APIs can then receive all the same benefits of publishing an API through TORO Integrate such as managed security, usage, monetization, transaction logging and reporting.

Flux for event based workflows

Automate business processes and workflows with Flux, TORO Integrate's event based workflow engine. Often times, you have business processes that could be automated. These processes could be triggered by events or started explicitly, go through predefined steps to process data and make decisions for you or wait for an event to determine how to proceed. Flux provides a way to define these business processes, when they happen, how to decide where to go or when to wait for certain events.

Serious enterprise stuff

We may look hip and happening. But we play seriously.



Event based workflows

XA database transactions

Durable message queues

Parallel processing

Create beautiful dashboards and reports

With zero code, Report Builder enables you to create beautiful dashboards and reports. Data for reports can be pulled from transactions and their metadata logged to the built-in Tracker search index. Charts can be configured to be interactive so that clicking on a data series drills down to more detailed reports.

Build & deploy anywhere.
On-premise, TORO Cloud, or public cloud.

TORO Cloud is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), TORO's fully managed service in the cloud.


TORO Cloud

Public Cloud

Integrating various cloud based services, mobile apps, business partners, and legacy applications, demands that your application integration platform of choice provide flexible deployment options. With an on-premise deployment you can connect directly to in-house databases and services be it in your own data centre or behind the corporate firewall. TORO Cloud provides a low cost and zero maintenance alternative that is managed by the people at TORO. Alternatively deploy at any public cloud provider including AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure Cloud.

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