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Solutions: Business Process Automation

Streamline complex business processes, automate manual processes and workflows to increase work quality and workforce productivity. Trigger workflows via human interaction or system events.

Flux is TORO Cloud's fast, intuitive and flexible event-based workflow solution for Business Process Automation

Visual workflow designer

Design your workflows visually using the Flux workflow mapper.

Process Automation

Transform your enterprise by automating manual business processes.

Event-based Workflow

Digitalize workflows and set triggers for services to be executed based on system events or human interaction.

Low-code services

Spend less time writing code and more time getting things done with Gloop low-code backend services for each step in your workflow.

Create Flux workflows with Martini

Design your workflows visually with Flux

Flux lets you define asynchronous workflows visually by dragging and dropping Flux states. Each state represents the individual steps in a workflow. Dragging a line between two states allows you to define the event trigger that will transition the workflow to the next state.
RESTful APIs are available to query the workflows and the Flux state that each workflow is currently at.

From onboarding employees to compiling videos

Flux enables you to automate workflows that involve human interaction, such as onboarding new employees, as well as long running processes where you are not sure when a process in the workflow will be completed, such as when compiling a batch of videos.
Any process that can be triggered via a system event (such as when a video finishes compiling) or human interaction (such as a manager sending an approval for an employee to be hired) can be automated with Flux.

Trigger your workflow from events

Flux lets you automate your manual business processes and monitor their progress. Create Flux states for each step in a business process to represent an action, a decision based on data, or human interaction. These processes can be started explicitly or triggered by events such as a file being written to disk, a http request, a scheduled service, or a JMS message on a queue.

Low-code services

Flux states can invoke the same low-code Gloop services that you create for your integration services.
Use the same data mapping, validation and transformation tools available in your integration services. Likewise all of the endpoints, databases and API services that are available in your integration services can be applied to the services that each Flux state invokes.

Business processes are workflows that can be broken down into steps where each step transitions to the next via system events or human interaction. Flux enables you to visually map out these steps and automate the transition of the workflow based on system or human events.

David Brown
Founder & CEO, TORO Cloud


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