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Toro challenges the enterprise software establishment

Hong Kong, December 2, 2016 - Toro Limited, a software company founded by Australian entrepreneur David Brown, announces the public launch of Toro Integrate, making enterprise class application integration and business process automation accessible to any sized business. The challenge of interoperability and data consistency between legacy and SaaS based applications together with the expectation from customers and business partners that data be available in real time has meant that businesses of all sizes are facing complex integration requirements. Toro, driven by its founder's passion to provide transparency in enterprise software, is the first vendor to make enterprise class application integration and business process automation accessible to businesses both large and small across SaaS, on-premise and hybrid deployments.


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It’s Not Just About Big Business Anymore

The expectation of real time connectivity has placed increasing demands on businesses of all sizes to connect with its customers and business partners and to automate internal business processes. Today, with the opportunities afforded by the Internet, most businesses are trading beyond their traditional geographic boundaries leading to complexities in localization, fulfilment, and logistics. Their customers and business partners are expecting secure real time access to data. Data is spread across on-premise systems, private data centres and SaaS applications. Employees expect to be empowered by automating system processes that may have been done manually in the past. These challenges that have traditionally been the domain of the largest corporates are now faced by businesses of all sizes.


“Enterprise class solutions have traditionally come at a massive cost in terms of time, money and resources to implement and manage. In today's connected world, however, complex integration and automation requirements are no longer just the domain of large corporates. Toro makes enterprise application integration and business process automation accessible to businesses of all sizes.”
David Brown, Founder & CEO, Toro Limited


The Market For Application Integration Solutions

The market for application integration solutions has emerged into two distinct classes of applications. Online template based solutions have made simple point-to-point integration of SaaS based applications more accessible. However, they do not possess the ability to solve complex integrations and workflows across multiple deployment environments. That has typically been the preserve of vendors targeting the high end of the market with enterprise class solutions be it from commercial open source vendors or your more traditional commercial only vendors. Now, starting at around the same price as a low-end templated point and click solution, Toro Integrate enables businesses to start with a solution that they can be confident will support their business growth and future requirements. With Toro Integrate businesses can be confident that their application integration framework will support multiple deployment models and supports the customisation, flexibility and scalability of a true enterprise class solution.


Enterprise Software Market Has Lacked Transparency

Toro is here today due to the founder’s frustration with the way that enterprise software applications have traditionally been sold, customized, deployed and managed. In our opinion the enterprise software industry lacks transparency. That is, transparency as to the cost, deliverable, timeframe to deploy, and management of enterprise software. Enterprise software companies do not typically publish their price lists preferring instead to have an enterprise sales consultant call a sales lead, discover a budget and then charge what they think the client can afford. Most projects go significantly over budget, run behind time, or are not finished at all. Then, when it comes time to upgrade an on-premise system you have to dump, replace and start the whole process over again.

SaaS is slowly changing the traditional models but even then many of the enterprise class SaaS vendors still have a "contact us for pricing" notice on their web site and on-premise deployments still account for a significant percentage of enterprise software sales. Deploying enterprise software has suffered from the same lack of transparency. Typically enterprise software is sold as a "framework" which is highly customizable. However, this has lead to a model where there is little reuse of code or sharing. Each client will typically pay for the same function or integration that has been written time and time again.


Toro Brings Transparency to Enterprise Software

Toro attempts to address these issues by creating extensible enterprise applications that are accessible to any sized business. Our price lists are always published and are the same for every customer. We make our software readily available to test and evaluate be it online or on-premise. Contacting someone at Toro is as simple as clicking a chat icon - even within the application itself. Code can be shared internally within an organization or with the world via the Toro Marketplace. Applications can be seamlessly upgraded eliminating the dump and replace lifecycle. Toro fosters a community Q&A forum to assist users collaborate, learn and become more productive.

Toro Integrate, an application for enterprise application integration and business process automation embodies Toro's philosophy of producing “accessible enterprise software”.

About Toro Cloud

Sydney, Australia based Toro Cloud was originally founded in 2014 by Australian founder and CEO, David Brown. Toro Cloud employs around 50 people. The company was funded with seed capital in excess of USD $1M by its founder and has bootstrapped its operations since that time. Toro Cloud's mission is to offer its customers a dramatically easier way to build, manage, and deploy solutions for the digital transformation of an enterprise.

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