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Gary O'Brien

Developing a Digital Transformation Game Plan with Gary O'Brien

How do you come up with a well-designed digital transformation strategy? Author of "Digital Transformation Game Plan" Gary O'Brien tells us how by identifying an organisation's "degree of fluency" and the necessary change one must be prepared to face to find success. He also shares his experiences working firsthand with modern digital businesses and how they are able to continuously transform themselves by taking a step ahead.

Sabine Laute

Building a digital transformation office with Sabine Laute

In this episode, we are joined by The Adecco Group’s Senior Vice President and Regional Transformational Lead for DACH Countries and Northern Europe Sabine Laute, who shares her experiences in leading digital transformation initiatives in a global organisation. She also gives advice in managing these initiatives and what it takes to truly embrace digital transformation.

Eric Broda

How technology is driving Open Banking in Canada with Eric Broda

In this episode, we talk to Eric Broda, an Executive Consultant for Open Banking, where he educates us on how Open Banking is currently being explored in Canada and the opportunities it can create in the banking industry, potentially paving the way towards digital transformation.

Amancio Bouza

Exploring fintech innovations and trends with Amancio Bouza

API thought leader and Contovista AG Chief Product Officer Amancio Bouza joins us again to discuss the innovations that are driving the fintech industry, such as autonomous finance and Open Banking. He also shares his insights on whether or not the pandemic paved the way for companies to achieve "true" digital transformation.

Stephanie Wong

Google Cloud’s Top Releases of 2021 with Stephanie Wong

In this episode, Google Cloud's Head of Developer Engagement Stephanie Wong shares a thing or two about creating content that can help engage and educate developers and discusses some of Google's offerings for this year. She also shares insights on being a woman in the tech space and how we could do better in making the industry a safe space for women to grow.

Zigurd Mednieks

Exploring the Agile Idea with Zigurd Mednieks

In this episode, author of The Agile Idea Zigurd Mednieks joins us and discusses the important concepts in the Agile methodology and the approach organisations should take towards it. He also lets us in on how some tech giants apply agile in their management and how it helps facilitate digital transformation.

Sashank Dara

How the pandemic impacted cybersecurity with Sashank Dara

In this episode, Seconize co-founder and CTO Sashank Dara talks to us about the challenges associated with cybersecurity and how the pandemic has affected it. We also learn about the costs of cyberattacks and how a company board can get involved in strengthening their defenses.

Charles Araujo

Misconceptions on digital transformation with Charles Araujo

In this episode, the founder of the Institute of Digital Transformation Charles Araujo aims to address some misconceptions most companies have when it comes to digital transformation and argues why 2020 wasn't the transformational year we all thought it was. He also talks about the importance of "intellectual curiosity" and why we should stop adhering to the "tech company fallacy."

Omar Akhtar

The State of Digital Transformation in 2021 with Omar Akhtar

How have companies fared in their digital transformation initiatives this year? Research Director Omar Akhtar gives us a look at some of their findings at Altimeter and their predictions on how far we'd have to go to become "digitally mature." He also discusses convergence between sales and marketing in the modern business landscape, creating an agile content system, and why a transformation management office is something to consider.

Michael Krigsman

Rethinking how organisations approach digital transformation with Michael Krigsman

In this round of Cocktails, industry analyst and CXOTalk host Michael Krigsman shares some stories from experts and leaders in the tech space as they take on their digital transformation initiatives. He also discusses how organisations rethink business strategies as they navigate their own transformation initiatives -- and how customers and stakeholders play a crucial role during the journey.