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Joe Karlsson

Diving deep into databases with Joe Karlsson

MongoDB Developer Advocate Joe Karlsson talks about NoSQL and SQL databases and the importance of choosing the right database for your organization as these can vary in architecture, functionality, and more.

Mike Kavis

Developing a cloud adoption strategy with Mike Kavis

Deloitte Consulting Managing Director Mike Kavis discusses how companies can successfully develop a cloud-adoption strategy and how they can address the challenges that are associated with utilizing the cloud.

David Linthicum

Going cloud-native with David Linthicum

Deloitte Consulting Chief Cloud Strategy Officer David Linthicum deciphers the evolution of cloud computing; how it has changed the way enterprises deploy IT.

Mike Amundsen

Creating an API story with Mike Amundsen

Internationally known author and speaker Mike Amundsen discusses the advantages of having an API-first design and how great APIs relate to microservices in breaking down the traditional monolithic application design.

Rahul Rai

Understanding when and when not to use microservices with Rahul Rai

Engineering Manager and Zip Technical Team Lead Rahul Rai talks about the advantages and challenges of implementing a microservices architecture and how organizations can develop a strategy to further maximize the benefits of microservices.

Erik Dietrich

How to approach legacy system migration with Erik Dietrich

DaedTech LLC founder and Hit Subscribe CEO and co-founder Erik Dietrich discusses how modern enterprises can innovate by giving more independence to software engineers and the challenges that companies are facing when they decide to undergo digital transformation.

Amancio Bouza

Digital transformation in the new normal with Amancio Bouza

Principal Consultant for IPT and API thought leader Amancio Bouza talks about how the pandemic is accelerating digital transformation, the struggles businesses are facing on remote working, and methods on how to overcome these challenges.

Vivien Jovet

Simplifying application development through API-first design methodology

Martini Product Architect Vivien Jovet delves into the benefits of API-First Design Methodology and how it can streamline application development.

David Brown

Data integration in enterprises: How TORO Cloud was born

TORO Cloud CEO and Founder David Brown shares the journey of the company and the digital issues of enterprises it will tackle in the future.