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Robin Moffatt

Explaining how Kafka works with Robin Moffatt

In this episode, Confluent Senior Developer Advocate Robin Moffat talks about Apache Kafka and the advantages it offers, the future of the event-streaming space, and his role in the community as a developer advocate.

George Fairbanks

Defining technical debt with George Fairbanks

In this episode, "Just Enough Software Architecture" author and Google Software Engineer George Fairbanks educates us on technical debt and how it's a natural part of the software development process. He also gives practical advice on dealing with technical debt and the philosophies that have changed along with the evolution of software architecture.

Laurie Williams

Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity with Laurie Williams

How safe are your security mechanisms for a potential cyberattack? In this episode we talk to Laurie Williams, Distinguished University Professor from North Carolina State University about cybersecurity, taking a proactive stance on it, and how organisations can get started on building more secure software products.

Bernd Ruecker

Practical Process Automation with Bernd Ruecker

Author of Practical Process Automation, Bernd Ruecker, talks about the relationship of automation and workflow engines, how we can implement process automation effectively and the relevance of isolation and boundaries in automation. He also gives his thoughts on robotic process automation and explains why he considers it a "short-term painkiller" for organisations.

Kevlin Henney

97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know with Kevlin Henney

Joining us in this episode is Kevlin Henney, the author of 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know, where he shares an overview of this collection of thoughts and pieces from different experts and champions in Java programming. He also sets the record straight on why programming languages, including Java, will never die.

Alan Richardson

Changing your approach to testing with Alan Richardson

In this episode of Cocktails, "The Evil Tester" Alan Richardson discusses how we can change our approach towards testing, as well as the important qualities that a good tester should have. He also talks about Agile Testing in relation to development, as well as various models on testing that we're seeing today.

Kaliya Young

Getting to know our digital identities with Kaliya Young

"Identity Woman" expert Kaliya Young joins us on this episode and discusses the value of a self-sovereign identity on the internet and how it works. She also talks about identity management and why advocating for our digital selves is important.

Ronnie Mitra

How to get your microservices up-and-running with Ronnie Mitra

Publicis Sapient Director of Technology and microservices expert Ronnie Mitra joins us in this episode to give some practical advise on how to get your microservice architecture up-and-running.

Bill Doerrfeld

Making the world become more programmable with Bill Doerrfeld

Nordic APIs' editor-in-chief Bill Doerrfeld joins us for a round and talks about how they help businesses make smart tech decisions by keeping an eye on emerging technologies and processes within the API space.

Isaac Sacolick

Defining Digital Transformation in 2021 with Isaac Sacolick

CIO and digital transformation thought leader Isaac Sacolick joins us in this episode and educates on what makes for a successful digital transformation - from adopting new technologies and the right business models, to addressing necessary changes needed in the organization.