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Alex DeBrie

A DynamoDB deep dive with Alex DeBrie

Getting started on DynamoDB? Join us for a round. This episode, we take a deep dive into DynamoDB with consultant and author of "The DynamoDB Book Alex DeBrie, who talks to us about the database's key offerings, the problems it solves, use-cases and how to work around its consistency models.

Matt LeMay

Making of a Product Manager with Matt LeMay

What does it take for one to become a Product Manager? We find out in this episode. In this edition of Coding Over Cocktails, we are joined by Matt LeMay, author of Agile For Everybody and Product Management in Practice and co-founder of Sudden Compass, and talks to us about the responsibilities and qualities that entail being a product manager and how much technical knowledge is needed for the role. He also tells us why he is tired of Agile and how the power we delegate to made-up concepts is “weird.”

Geertjan Wielenga

"Developer, Advocate!" with Geertjan Wielenga

What exactly does it mean to be a Developer Advocate and what roles do they play in the development community? In this episode, we talk to Geertjan Wielenga, author of “Developer, Advocate!,” who answers what a Developer Advocate actually does and who qualifies as one. He also discusses the ethics of Developer Advocacy, the challenges in connecting and interacting with the developer community, and how he was able to gather information and learning experiences from 32 fellow developer advocates.

Daniel Terhorst-North

What’s wrong with SOLID and Test Driven Development with Daniel Terhorst-North

While SOLID is the known standard when it comes to software design and architecture, it may be hard to apply for some as it limits developers to specific techniques in going about it. In this episode, Daniel Terhorst-North, originator of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)and Deliberate Discovery, presents his arguments on why SOLID isn't exactly the best bet when if comes to design principles, offering an alternative that can help against the misapplications of various agile practices.

Clement Escoffier and Kai Waehner

JMS vs. Kafka: Technology Smackdown with Clement Escoffier and Kai Waehner

Two of the most popular message brokers used today are JMS and Kafka. While both have their own pros and cons, which one should you actually use? In this episode, we have our first-ever Technology Smackdown, where we pit two technologies or architectural styles against each other for a friendly sparring match. Today, we find out how JMS and Kafka stack up against each other and how they apply to certain use-cases. Joining us are Red Hat’s Senior Principal Software Engineer Clement Escoffier for the JMS side, and Confluent’s Field CTO Kai Waehner for the Kafka side.

Mark Winteringham

Testing Web APIs with Mark Winteringham

In this episode, we take a look at the importance of testing and a good test strategy model when developing software and APIs. We are joined by Ministry of Testing's OpsBoss and author of Testing of Web APIs Mark Winteringham, who tells us why he advocates for API testing even before a line of code is written. He also talks about how testing helps control risk and quality during the development lifecycle, and how it can help bring IT teams and stakeholders together on the same page.

Stephanie Wong

Google Cloud’s Top Releases of 2021 with Stephanie Wong

In this episode, Google Cloud's Head of Developer Engagement Stephanie Wong shares a thing or two about creating content that can help engage and educate developers and discusses some of Google's offerings for this year. She also shares insights on being a woman in the tech space and how we could do better in making the industry a safe space for women to grow.

Zigurd Mednieks

Exploring the Agile Idea with Zigurd Mednieks

In this episode, author of The Agile Idea Zigurd Mednieks joins us and discusses the important concepts in the Agile methodology and the approach organisations should take towards it. He also lets us in on how some tech giants apply agile in their management and how it helps facilitate digital transformation.

Martin Kleppmann

Designing Data Intensive Applications with Martin Kleppmann

In this episode, Senior Research Associate from the Cambridge University and author of "Designing Data Intensive Applications" Martin Kleppmann joins us and discusses how they are finding ways to make software collaboration and ownership properly coexist through their "local-first software" project, which will allow users to work offline without compromising important security aspects and user data control.

Pete Hodgson

Managing your software team's growing pains with Pete Hodgson

In this episode, former ThoughtWorker and independent software consultant Pete Hodgson talks about addressing pain points in software development teams and cross-team collaboration. He also educates on code-ownership, technical debt and better product engagement in developing internal platforms.