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Podcasts about RPA

Tom Taulli and Nandan Mullakara

RPA vs. BPA: Which approach to automation is right for you?

In this Technology Smackdown, we were joined by Tom Taulli, author of “The Robotic Process Automation Handbook: and Nandan Mullakara, CEO of Innomatiq to explore the differences between the two automation approaches, and how each can help drive digital transformation forward within organisation.

Bernd Ruecker

Practical Process Automation with Bernd Ruecker

Author of Practical Process Automation, Bernd Ruecker, talks about the relationship of automation and workflow engines, how we can implement process automation effectively and the relevance of isolation and boundaries in automation. He also gives his thoughts on robotic process automation and explains why he considers it a "short-term painkiller" for organisations.

Shelly Kramer

Embracing a culture of automation with Shelly Kramer

Will robots replace humans in the future? Futurum Research Founding Partner and Senior Analyst Shelly Kramer answers this and joins us for a discussion on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how a culture of automation benefits digital transformation strategies in a business.