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Podcasts about Microservices

José Haro Peralta

Why you should be using a hexagonal architecture for microservices with José Haro Peralta

Our guest for today is a consultant, author, and instructor. He's the founder of microapis.io and the author of "Microservice APIs". Recognised as a thought leader in the fields of cloud computing, DevOps, and automation, he speaks regularly at international conferences and frequently organizes public workshops and seminars.

Sam Newman

Why microservices should be your last resort with Sam Newman

Are microservices really the solution that could help make your teams more autonomous and speed up your delivery to the market? Microservices author and thought leader Sam Newman answers this, and talks about what you need to consider before you do your migration (if a migration is even necessary).

Ronnie Mitra

How to get your microservices up-and-running with Ronnie Mitra

Publicis Sapient Director of Technology and microservices expert Ronnie Mitra joins us in this episode to give some practical advise on how to get your microservice architecture up-and-running.

Lee Atchison

How to architect your applications to scale with Lee Atchison

Cloud computing and architecting expert Lee Atchison shares insights and techniques on how risk management and availability play integral roles in building and designing applications that scale.

Chris Richardson

"Microservices antipatterns and the things you're doing wrong" with Chris Richardson

Author of "Microservices Patterns" and Microservices.io creator Chris Richardson talks about the common antipatterns found in microservice architectures and discusses the decision-making process for their adoption.

Mark Richards

The fundamentals of software architecture and microservices with Mark Richards

"Fundamentals of Software Architecture" co-author Mark Richards discusses the important concepts behind microservices, breaks down the challenges encountered with their implementation, and qualifies his stance on the non-existence of "best practices" in software architecture.

James Lewis

The evolution of microservices for modern software development with James Lewis

ThoughtWorks Director and Software Architect James Lewis talks about the dynamic concept and nature of microservices, and how its evolution shaped better standards for modern software development in organizations around the world.

Mike Amundsen

Creating an API story with Mike Amundsen

Internationally known author and speaker Mike Amundsen discusses the advantages of having an API-first design and how great APIs relate to microservices in breaking down the traditional monolithic application design.

Rahul Rai

Understanding when and when not to use microservices with Rahul Rai

Engineering Manager and Zip Technical Team Lead Rahul Rai talks about the advantages and challenges of implementing a microservices architecture and how organizations can develop a strategy to further maximize the benefits of microservices.

Erik Dietrich

How to approach legacy system migration with Erik Dietrich

DaedTech LLC founder and Hit Subscribe CEO and co-founder Erik Dietrich discusses how modern enterprises can innovate by giving more independence to software engineers and the challenges that companies are facing when they decide to undergo digital transformation.