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Alina TImofeeva

In between legacy and cloud with Alina Timofeeva

As we move forward to a more digitally transformed world, the task of migrating your legacy systems can be daunting and could set you up for failure. How do you prepare for that? In this episode, Associate Partner at Oliver Wyman Alina Timofeeva discusses the process and what to expect during your transformation journey. She also talks about her experiences in the industry and how overcoming her personal failures helped her move forward and inspire her work.

Stephanie Wong

Google Cloud’s Top Releases of 2021 with Stephanie Wong

In this episode, Google Cloud's Head of Developer Engagement Stephanie Wong shares a thing or two about creating content that can help engage and educate developers and discusses some of Google's offerings for this year. She also shares insights on being a woman in the tech space and how we could do better in making the industry a safe space for women to grow.

Ian Moyse

On matters of cloud success with Ian Moyse

Technology Sales Leader and Cloud - Social Influencer Ian Moyse explains how cloud adoption has driven the innovation of efficiently delivering the needed services of enterprises especially in the time of pandemic, how the cloud will affect future technologies, and how organizations can respond to the increasing security challenges brought by the rise of cloud adoption.

Mike Kavis

Developing a cloud adoption strategy with Mike Kavis

Deloitte Consulting Managing Director Mike Kavis discusses how companies can successfully develop a cloud-adoption strategy and how they can address the challenges that are associated with utilizing the cloud.

David Linthicum

Going cloud-native with David Linthicum

Deloitte Consulting Chief Cloud Strategy Officer David Linthicum deciphers the evolution of cloud computing; how it has changed the way enterprises deploy IT.

David Brown

Data integration in enterprises: How TORO Cloud was born

TORO Cloud CEO and Founder David Brown shares the journey of the company and the digital issues of enterprises it will tackle in the future.