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Podcasts about Agile

Matt LeMay

Making of a Product Manager with Matt LeMay

What does it take for one to become a Product Manager? We find out in this episode. In this edition of Coding Over Cocktails, we are joined by Matt LeMay, author of Agile For Everybody and Product Management in Practice and co-founder of Sudden Compass, and talks to us about the responsibilities and qualities that entail being a product manager and how much technical knowledge is needed for the role. He also tells us why he is tired of Agile and how the power we delegate to made-up concepts is “weird.”

Zigurd Mednieks

Exploring the Agile Idea with Zigurd Mednieks

In this episode, author of The Agile Idea Zigurd Mednieks joins us and discusses the important concepts in the Agile methodology and the approach organisations should take towards it. He also lets us in on how some tech giants apply agile in their management and how it helps facilitate digital transformation.

Alan Richardson

Changing your approach to testing with Alan Richardson

In this episode of Cocktails, "The Evil Tester" Alan Richardson discusses how we can change our approach towards testing, as well as the important qualities that a good tester should have. He also talks about Agile Testing in relation to development, as well as various models on testing that we're seeing today.

James Shore

Investing in agility with James Shore

Agile Fluency® Project Consultant & Co-Founder James Shore discusses how agile evolved from early 2000s, what organizations need to focus on in terms of effectively adopting agile for software development, and why businesses need to remember the core idea of agile, being people-oriented instead of process-oriented.