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Integrate GitHub Migration

Make GitHub Migration an integrated part of your entire enterprise eco-system.

Integrate GitHub Migration

What would you like to integrate GitHub Migration with?

With Martini, there are no limits on what you can integrate with GitHub Migration. Download GitHub Migration from the TORO Marketplace using Martini then integrate it with other SaaS applications, in-house legacy or line-of-business applications, databases and more.

and thousands more...

Legacy systems often serve a critical role within an organization but usually have little or no interfaces with which to integrate other systems. Martini, enables you to integrate GitHub Migration with legacy systems using interfaces such as flat files, JMS or SOAP. You can even use Martini to create a secure modern RESTful API for your legacy system.

Line-of-business applications enable the proprietory business needs of each department within your organization. Integrating a line-of-business application to the other applications and systems used within a department increases operational efficiency and productivity. Martini, enables you to integrate GitHub Migration with line-of-business applications regardless of the interfaces supported.

With Martini, you can integrate GitHub Migration with SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle as well as NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis.

Every operation from GitHub Migration

With Martini, there is no limit on what you can integrate with GitHub Migration

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GitHub Migration


About GitHub Migration

GitHub Migration allows users to move, import, review, back up or migrate data to or from GitHub. Read more »

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