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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Get access to the entire Toro Cloud platform on all plans.

The plan you need will be determined by either the number of Bellini apps that you expect to be creating or by the type and size of your Martini deployment.

A Bellini app contains a distinct application and/or collection of dashboards and reports. Each Bellini app can contain an unlimited number of pages and components.

Your Martini deployment will be determined by a number of factors including the number of integration workflows, the type and volume of transactions, and the topology of the deployment.

Integration workflows are deployed as Martini Packages. A Martini Package contains a unique integration workflow that is triggerd by an event or schedule and can involve any number of systems, APIs and databases. Although all plans support integrating any API, data type, and endpoint, they do vary if your workflow needs to read/write to a database or message broker. Refer to the schedule above for the databases and message brokers supported on each plan.

The complexity of the job being executed by Martini will affect its throughput. A transaction that is parsing a data file containing 100,000 lines is obviously going to require a lot more processing power than a transaction that processes a data file containing 10 lines. However, as a guide, given a typical job of integrating two systems with a regular payload, a 2 vCPU core processor is capable of processing thousands of transactions per day, whereas an 8 vCPU core processor is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. Enterprise plans can be scaled infinitely.

Finally you will want to consider whether you would like a cloud only deployment of Martini, an on-premise deployment, or a hybrid of the two. This will often be dictated by the types and location of systems that are being integrated. In other cases data privacy concerns or corporate policy may dictate an on-premise deployment.

No you don't but we hope you do! Martini, Bellini, and Negroni are awesome when used independently, and amazing when used together.

Yes, you can upgrade at anytime. Any prepayment already made will be automatically applied against your new plan. Note that plans that are billed annually can only be upgraded to another plan that is also billed annually.

Yes, you can upgrade the number of app end-user accounts on any plan at anytime.

Cloud environments are provisioned and managed by Toro Cloud. Cloud environments include everything you need to build and deploy solutions in the cloud. There is nothing to install or maintain with a cloud instance.

On-Premise environments are self managed instances running on your own server or public cloud provider. You setup and configure an on-premise instance to your own requirements.

The Martini vCPU core limit enables you to deploy your production ready integration workflows and APIs to a server(s) with the equivalent number of virtual CPUs (also referred to as logical CPUs). The more complex your Martini project, or the larger the number of requests that Martini is processing, the more vCPUs will be required (refer to the question above 'How do I know which plan I need?' for more info). If you are still uncertain please contact us to discuss your requirements.

On-premise deployments on the Professional and Enterprise plans can be configured to run on any number of servers within the total vCPU limit. For example, the Enterprise plan includes 8 vCPU cores which can be deployed to either 1 x 8 vCPU server, or 2 x 4 vCPU servers, or 4 x 2 vCPU servers.

Yes, you can upgrade the number of vCPUs on a Professional or Enteprirse plan. Professional plans are limited to a maximum of 8 vCPUs.