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What we do

Digital transformation requires that an enterprise become an agile organization that delivers digital products and services at speed.

To achieve agility an enterprise must have a cohesive ecosystem of systems and processes that enable data to flow seamlessly between them via simple and secure interfaces. Sometimes referred to as an “enterprise operating system” it consists of a collection of an enterprise’s internal line of business applications, SaaS-based services, legacy applications, databases, as well as manual business processes and workflows.

TORO Cloud® enables the digital transformation of an enterprise with solutions that provide an API centric approach to application development, integration, and workflow automation. Together this enables an enterprise to create modern modular applications, integrate existing applications, databases or services, and automate business processes.

And we do all this through a simple low-code framework that not only reduces the learning curve required but also supercharges productivity and results in applications that are more secure, scalable and easier to maintain.

March 2014

TORO Limited is incorporated with USD $1M seed capital

August 2018

Launch of Martini Pre-Release Candidate (tagged as TORO Integrate v3, TORO Coder Online v1, and TORO Coder Studio v1)

September 2018

Launch of TORO Docs to OpenAPI v1

May 2019

TORO Cloud now has 50 talented full-time employees

June 2019

TORO Cloud was recognized as one of the Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers in Asia Pacific 2019 by CIO Outlook.

TORO Cloud was recognized as one of the Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers in Asia Pacific 2019 by CIO Outlook.

July 2019

TORO Cloud moves into its new 9440 sq/ft (877 sq/m) office

September 2019

Launch of Martini v1
(including Martini Online v1, Martini Desktop v1 and Martini Runtime v1)

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Meet the Team

David Brown

David Brown

Founder and CEO

Daren Klamer

Daren Klamer

Chief Architect

Product Team Leads

Martini Runtime - Team Leads
Martini Desktop - Team Lead
TORO Cloud - Team Lead

Transparency. Fairness. Accessibility.
We found these values lacking in the enterprise software industry. They have become our passion. We strive for them in everything we do and in every touchpoint that our customers have with us. In our pursuit of enabling the digital transformation of the enterprise, we commit to never forgetting these values.

David Brown, Founder and CEO

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Our Mission

Our mission at TORO Cloud® is to enable our customers to focus more on their core business rather than the software solutions that enable their business. We believe that an enterprise shouldn’t need to become a software company in order to provide the products and services that make them unique.

Most enterprises have a product or service that is backed by a proprietary collection of systems, processes, and knowledge. However, the modern digital economy requires that an enterprise be able to communicate with customers, business partners, and even employees digitally.

This digital transformation of an enterprise typically requires significant effort from the IT department to build the digital products and services that their stakeholders are demanding. TORO Cloud® enables the digital transformation of an enterprise, and deliver digital solutions at speed, without ever requiring them to become a software company in the process.

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