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The vision for TORO was born out of Australian founder and CEO, David Brown's, own personal experience deploying enterprise class software for an online retail business he started in 2002. The business grew quickly. What started as a fairly simple operation grew more complex as it started trading in multiple geographic markets, shipping thousands of orders per day, in multiple currencies, with several independent brands, four warehouses, manufacturing its own product range as well as reselling third party products, and a product catalog containing hundreds of thousands of unique SKUs. What had started as a small business quickly developed enterprise scale problems with heavy demands on systems automation, integration and scalability. In today's connected world most businesses, big or small, face at least some of these challenges.

The experience of deploying enterprise class software was not only a multi-million dollar investment but also caused a significant disruption to the business operations for the next few years. The leap from the systems that had helped the business get started to enterprise class solutions was enormous in terms of both the energy and cost. David soon realised that there hadn't been any transparency to the true cost and impact on his business before the company had started the project. Having started his business with software that his company had written itself, he realised that there had to be a better way for companies to deploy enterprise class solutions without the enormous burden this normally entails.

TORO's products are designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business with a grand vision, a mid sized business with enterprise scale requirements, or are a member of the Fortune 500, TORO's software should be accessible and scalable to your requirements. Our mission is to offer our customers a dramatically easier way to build, manage and deploy enterprise class software. Accessibility encompasses everything we do, whether it be simple and transparent pricing, chatting with technical support right within the application itself, free evaluation editions, sharing apps via a marketplace, flexible SaaS and self hosted deployment options, or the user experience of the software itself. TORO builds accessible enterprise class software.

Our mission

Our mission is to make enterprise class software applications that are dramatically easier to assess, use, customize and manage. We shall strive to provide transparency in the deliverable of our products and services, and the pricing and support thereof.

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