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Revolutionizing software development: the power of low code platforms

Discover the advantages of utilizing Low Code Development for your next project. Learn about the top low code platforms for front-end and back-end development and how they can help streamline the app building process. Read now to find out more.

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Building line of business applications

Building line of business applications

Creating custom LOB applications is becoming more accessible with the rise of low-code application development.
Low-Code Development
Low-code application development

What is low-code and why should you pay attention?

With the promise of lower risk and a higher return on investment, low-code application development (LCAD) reduces the barrier to software development.
Software Developement
Low-code vs No-code

Low-code vs No-code: What’s the difference?

As the need to respond to the digital business landscape arises, the need for faster development and deployment of applications is also putting a lot more pressure on the enterprise to adapt.
Low-Code Development
Business Process Automation

What is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) allows organizations to go beyond traditional data management and use advanced software systems.
Low-Code Development
Should developers fear low-code

Should developers fear low-code?

In this blog, we will explain why low-code application development (LCAD) should be viewed as every developer's ally.
Low-Code Development
Coding over cocktails

We launched a new podcast!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of “Coding Over Cocktails” - a podcast by Toro Cloud.
Low-Code Development
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