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No, robots will not take your job: Why we shouldn’t be afraid of RPA

Shelly Kramer dispels our fears that RPA will make people redundant and why embracing a culture of automation is crucial in today’s business setting.

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Automation: Are we looking at the next evolution of APIs?

Automation: Are we looking at the next evolution of APIs?

APIs are considered the cornerstone of any digital transformation project. Through APIs, organizations can securely expose data to internal systems, customers and business partners.
API Management
JMS vs Kafka

JMS vs Kafka: Which message broker?

Whether you’re buying a house, insurance, a car, or even something as simple as coffee, brokers can facilitate the transactions between you and producers.
Business Process Automation

What is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) allows organizations to go beyond traditional data management and use advanced software systems.
Should developers fear low-code

Should developers fear low-code?

In this blog, we will explain why low-code application development (LCAD) should be viewed as every developer's ally.
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