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The importance of API versioning and best practices for microservices

Learn the importance of API versioning in microservices architecture and how to implement it effectively with our best practices guide. Discover how to manage APIs, document them using OpenAPI or Swagger, optimize performance, and ensure seamless integration across your system.

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API versioning: URL vs Header vs Media Type versioning

Discover API versioning with URL, header, and media type approaches. Learn pros and cons, best practices, and choose the right strategy for your API needs.
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Managing API changes and breaking changes in versioned APIs

This blog explores the best practices for managing API changes and breaking changes in versioned APIs. It covers the different types of versioning, the importance of updating APIs over time, the risks and benefits of making breaking changes, and a checklist of best practices for managing API changes. Real-world examples from companies like Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Google Cloud Platform, and Twilio illustrate these best practices in action.
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