Integrate systems, automate processes, & create internal apps

A single platform to seamlessly integrate and automate your entire enterprise and build internal apps that your employees will love.
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Supercharge development of applications, APIs, integrations, and workflow automation.

Design, Create and Manage APIs

Wrangle your APIs and harness the full potential of your business. Take charge of your APIs across the entire lifecycle in a single integrated platform.

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Integrate Your Data and Applications

Implement enterprise-grade data integration using little to no code. Extract, transform and load data from almost any source.

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Build Applications Using A Drag And Drop Editor

Develop business applications and quickly deploy dashboards and reports. Test and deploy applications while effortlessly connecting APIs.

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Automate Your Business Processes

Streamline complex business processes and automate manual tasks. Design visual workflows to trigger events to speed up manual processes.

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With our solutions for professional developers, you can create literally anything


Integrate Anything And Automate Workflows

The answer to all your integration, workflow automation and API management needs. With a single platform, integrate your applications, automate your business processes, and achieve next-level agility through APIs.

Drag and drop application builder

Quickly create dashboards, reports and business applications, leveraging the APIs in your organisation. Build applications with a drag and drop component based application designer to create API centric applications with ease.

Advanced Common data modelling

Design, build and deploy data models faster using an intuitive interface built upon the open standards CDM framework. Export database schemas for common databases and deploy your data models to a database together with a RESTful API.

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Revolutionise the way your business handles data and be able to respond to challenges quicker


Be more agile

Struggling with the pace of change and how to respond quickly to market demand?

We help your organisation become more agile, with low code solutions to improve business responsiveness. By eliminating the grunt work required to build APIs, applications and data models, our platforms save your developers valuable time, while still providing the flexibility to perform complex coding when required. Get APIs out to market sooner so you can become more responsive to the needs of your market.

Toro Cloud helps your business rapidly create and deploy solutions to meet the changing needs of your customers and your industry.


Be more competitive

Looking for an edge over your competition in an increasingly dynamic environment?

We help your business become more competitive, with integrated solutions to ensure you’re a market leader. By seamlessly integrating APIs, applications and databases, our platforms help you make the most of your business information, without the need for connectors. Bring together information to increase your business intelligence and improve decision-making, without compromising data quality, to get the edge over your competitors.

Toro Cloud provides a range of integration solutions to unlock your data and deliver the business intelligence you need for success.


Be more efficient

Under pressure to reduce costs and find more ways to boost business efficiency?

We help your business become more efficient, with automated solutions to eliminate manual processes. By harnessing the power of robotic process automation and automated workflows, our platforms allow you to visually design processes to take care of repetitive tasks. Free your staff to use their full skillset on projects designed to grow your organisation and unlock cost savings and efficiency to for your business.

Toro Cloud delivers automated solutions to increase efficiency and improve productivity so your staff can focus on what really matters.


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